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Hello! My name is Max. I am from Russia. I am doing V/IV to SA car conversions

Country: Russian Federation Age: 21
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GTA V Declasse Moonbeam
_F_ (Birdie) & Ndukong | 22.12.2019 | 1156

Comments: 262

@Notorious MCJ, to be honest I don't remember you at all. Maybe you had another name or something?
@Wei chun, which one?

GTA V Declasse Moonbeam
_F_ (Birdie) & Ndukong | 21.12.2019 | 1156

Comments: 262

@Notorious MCJ, well mostly I'm playing GTA Online, updating animations mod, doing some custom cars (like modern Vigero) and also converting Karin Sultan Classic

GTA V Canis Mesa Grande (19.02.20 Update!
_F_ (Birdie) | 14.11.2019 | 1665

Comments: 262

@SergeDV, that's the bug of imvehft itself (all versions). The lights (mainly coronas) behave weird when they're linked to unknown dummies/parts. That must be fixed on ImVehFt side.

Albany Emperor
M4k3, Rockstar Games | 25.09.2019 | 1343

Comments: 262

@GrandFather, get rest and get yourself some brains some random angry fool. Oh and thank you for spoiling the ratings of this mod. Have a nice day.
@memeboi, I haven't decided yet. I have a plenty of unfinished vehicles (dating back to 2018, 2017 or even 2016). The list (with approximate dates when they were left unfinished)
Bravado Gauntlet (Sep 2017)
Bravado Buffalo (2016 or 2017)
Albany Presidente (Jan 2017)
Albany Presidente II (Custom Car) (Aug 2019)
Annis Pinnacle (Aug 2019)
Benefactor Feltzer (IV one) (Dec 2016)
Benefactor Glendale (nearly finished) (Aug 2017)
Benefactor XLS (nearly finished too) (May 2018)
Brute Boxville (Aug 2019)
Declasse Granger (Aug 2017)
Declasse Rhapsody (July 2019)
Declasse Vigero modern version(custom car) (June 2018)
Declasse Voodoo (Feb 2017)
Dewbauchee Seven-70 (Dec 2016)
Dinka Blista Compact (May 2018)
Dinka Perennial (2017)
Enus Super Diamond (Dec 2017)
Enus Windsor Sedan (basically Windsor Drop with different roof) (Dec 2016)
Fathom Feroci (Bravado Feroci with some changes, pretty close to be finished) (Aug 2019)
Gallivanter Baller (Aug 2017)
Gallivanter Huntley Sport (IV Huntley rebadged to Gallivanter) (Dec 2017)
JoBuilt Trashmaster (Feb 2017)
Karin Futo (Nov 2017)
MTL Firetruck (Apr 2018)
Obey 9F (Aug 2019)
Obey Tailgater (Dec 2017)
Ocelot F620 (Aug 2019)
Ubermacht Sentinel XS (V one) (Nov 2017)
Vapid Dominator (Aug 2017)
Vapid Stanier II (Including Police and Taxi) (July 2017)
Vapid Stanier I (Police and Taxi variants haven't been made yet but I plan to do these too) (July 2019)
Vapid Torrence (Vapid Police Interceptor civillian) (Sep 2017)
Vapid Uranus (May 2017)
Vulcar Ingot (Aug 2017)
Willard Solair (Apr 2017)
Also an album where I regularly post ingame pics of upcoming projects (when the cars are 80% finished) https://imgur.com/a/W0LRnnO

Declasse Sabre 550SS
M4k3 | 03.09.2019 | 7874

Comments: 262

Coming soon - https://imgur.com/a/W0LRnnO