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Annis Elegy Retro

Author: M4k3
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Date: 21.05.2017
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Annis Elegy Retro from Grand Theft Auto V
Converted to GTA SA and edited by M4k3

Replaces Elegy by default.


  • Optimized model and textures.

  • Works in SAMP.

  • GTA SA numberplates.

  • Custom collision.

  • Flat shadow.

  • Custom handling and other settings can be found in settings.txt file.

  • Can be used with SkyGFX, ENB Series, GFXHack or without them.

  • 3 car colors: 1 - car paint, 3 - brake hubs, 4 - rims.

  • 9 paintjobs from GTA V + template.

  • Damaged parts with GTA V scratches.

  • Should be used with M4k3's New Car Animations mod.

  • Can be tuned in Wheels Arch Angels. Optional: 126 tuning parts from GTA V are included and can be installed ONLY with Tuning Mod.

  • Custom Infernus spoiler and exhaust are included and can be installed in TransFender (optional).

  • Works with and without ImVehFt (IVF features: dirt, indicators, reverse lights, brake lights, brake hubs, steering wheel).
    Add vehgenbrakehub.png texture in vehicle.txd from Bonus folder if ImVehFt is not installed.

  • Realistic enviroment reflection.
    Brighter reflection textures can be added in vehicle.txd from Bonus folder.

  • Rockstar Games - original model and textures

  • DK22Pac - YTD/YDR/YDD/YFT and WFT2DFF converters

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Annis Elegy Retro
Annis Elegy Retro Annis Elegy Retro Annis Elegy Retro Annis Elegy Retro Annis Elegy Retro Annis Elegy Retro Annis Elegy Retro

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