Story (GTA IV)

The Story

You are Niko Bellic and your cousin has lured you from eastern Europe to America with false promises. In the land of unlimited possibilities, money, cars and women do not actually await you, instead just the harsh reality of being a poor immigrant.
Roman’s taxi business isn’t exactly the most successful one and he doesn’t have what it takes for a life of crime either. Out of incompetence he has now gotten himself into serious trouble with the half of the underworld of Liberty City.
Now it becomes clear why Roman has brought Niko to America, not because the air of freedom tastes so sweet, but because Roman needs his help getting him out of this snafu which he gotten himself into because of greed. It’s not about ruling the underworld, but simply to survive!

But what are the options? To go back to a dark past, or to make a last stand and to fight for a life which this name deserves! Maybe one can’t go from dishwasher to millionaire, but you can at least make the dishes cleaner…

Rockstar Games has put significantly more realism into Grand Theft Auto IV. You can forget movies like ”The godfather” or “Scarface”, here you will dive right into the filth of crime. The world of the mafia and gang warfare is not noble, honorable or attractive – it is cold, brutal and damn lonely.

While the developers have continued with the same ironic social criticism, the perspective is different in this title so characters from previous ones will make an appearance.

Do you really dare step into this world? In a world where the goal is simply to survive? The American dream is dead, such is life! Your life – Your dream!