City (GTA IV)
The City

The places in which the previous Grand Theft Auto titles took place have played an important role. An especially important part of the game has been the nearly unrestricted mobility which has been perfected from chapter to chapter.

With GTA III came a small revolution. There had never been a game previous to create a city which was displayed so alive: Pedestrians chatting with one another, taking care of their daily business, cussing with one another and rejoicing with each other. But still there is something about the present appearance of Liberty City, Vice City and San Andreas which seemed unnatural.

This is something Rockstar Games would like to change with the Liberty City of GTA IV and at the same time create a realistic model of New York, with attention to details which has never before been seen in a game.

The City Districts

Liberty City, just like its counterpart New York, is made up of 5 districts: Bohan is the name they have used for Bronx, Broker for Brooklyn, Algonquin for Manhattan and Dukes for Queens. Because the developers had very little interest in Staten Island, they have decided to use New Jersey as the 5th city district in the game. This district will be called Alderney.

The large rural areas which were a major part of San Andreas will not be in GTA IV. In terms of gaming area, it is a bit smaller than in its predecessors. But the entire gaming area is build more densely so the city is actually much Larger.

The places of interest

What makes New York, perhaps the most well known city in the world, so unique? Without a doubt the NYC landmarks play an important role and because of this some will of course be found in Liberty City. GTA typically do not give these landmarks their real names, but instead a humorous modified form. Probably the most famous building in New York, the “Statue of Liberty”, bears the name “Statue of Happiness” in Liberty City.

The MetLife building situated on Park Avenue in Manhatten goes under the name of the GetaLife building in GTA IV.

In addition we can expect many other prominent buildings such as the Empire State Building, the Chrystler Building, the Flatiron, St. Patrick’s Cathedral and the Brooklyn Bridge.