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2009 Aprilia RSV4 - Edition II

Author: Richie Matthews
Date: 30.01.2014
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===================2009 Aprilia RSV4 - Edition II===================
Author: Richie Matthews (Richie Snake) to convert VC and model modified used for version edition II,
new textures and new engine machine.

The Aprilia RSV4 is a super bike manufactured by Aprilia. The RSV4 is Aprilia’s flagship model.
Aprilia offers two models of the bike: the RSV4 Factory and RSV4 R.

Extras Vehicle Information Features:
1. High detailed model
2. Custom handling

This file contains:
pcj600.dff (Engine 1.0) [NO Chrome]
pcj600.dff (Engine 2.0) [Used Chrome]
pcj600.txd (Original RSV4)
pcj600.txd (RSV4 Edition)
pcj600.txd (Black Edition)
pcj600.txd (White Edition I)
pcj600.txd (White Edition II)
pcj600.txd (Gray Edition)
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The same images were used in the archive 2009 Aprilia RSV4, other new versions were implemented, as .txd extras and two modifications were performed in the .dff, by implementing the previous aprilia file, making this edition II as the original version, the versions of the. txd may vary according to your want to use.

Let the game begin!

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2009 Aprilia RSV4 - Edition II
2009 Aprilia RSV4 - Edition II 2009 Aprilia RSV4 - Edition II 2009 Aprilia RSV4 - Edition II

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