Press (GTA5)

In this section you find articles and reviews of some online magazines. So what does the press think about the newest part of the Grand Theft Auto series?

Review @ computerandvideogames There are missions where the characters work alone. Michael dealing with his unruly kids, Franklin repossessing cars, or Trevor clashing with rival drug dealers. But it's when they team up that the character-switching system comes into its own. If you're assaulting a group of enemies, Trevor could rush in head-on while Michael lays down sniper cover from a nearby hill. Then, taking advantage of the distraction, Franklin can sneak in through a side entrance with a silenced pistol. But that's just one arbitrary example; there are countless combinations, and half the fun is experimenting. As you flick from character to character, the AI controls the others in your stead. [...]
Rating: 10/10

Review @ GamesRadar Rockstar also made sure to create an economy that actually makes sense, instead of just dumping money into your in-game bank account without any real purpose, as was the case in past games. You're able to customize every weapon and vehicle in the game, and there's a robust real estate system with dozens of different properties around San Andreas that can be purchased. Some feed more money to you, while others actually open up new tasks and missions. There's even a dynamic stock market that actually reacts to in-game events, letting you make even more money by researching missions before you complete them. The number of moving parts in GTA 5 is astounding, and you'll be amazed by how well they all work together. [...]
Rating: 10/10

Review @ Game Informer Giving the player so much insight into the inner workings of the three protagonists provides great mission diversity, but it also creates the biggest crack in the story. Given what we have witnessed from one particular main character, his reaction to one of the major plot reveals seems extremely out of line with his personality. This happens early on and hangs like an albatross around the neck of the narrative for the majority of the game. The choose your own adventure ending (you have three options) also fails to deliver on the tension promised by this setup. [...]
Rating: 9.75/10

Review @ Game Informer San Andreas’s extraordinary sense of place is heightened by the fact that so much of it isn’t on the map. There’s so much going on that it’s easy to find things organically, rather than spend your life following a mission marker. I once stole a passenger jet from the airport for the hell of it, then parachuted onto the top of the tallest building in Los Santos. (I then accidentally jumped off the top and fell to my death, forgetting that I’d already used the parachute, but I usually leave that bit out.) Out driving in the country, I came across a man tied to a telephone pole in womens’ underwear. I chased down criminals who randomly swipe purses on the street, and happened across gunbattles between police and other miscreants, events that add a sense that this world isn’t completely uneventful if I wasn’t here to disrupt normalcy. I bought an expensive mountain bike and cycled around in the hills, enjoying the view. These little moments can be captured on your phone camera – which, brilliantly, can also take selfies. I have several snaps of Trevor doing his unhinged version of a smile in his underpants on top of a mountain. [...]
Rating: 10/10

Review @ theguardian Gunfights, meanwhile, are furious, visceral ballets, fuelled by regular visits to the well-stocked Ammu-Nation stores. while GTA has learned a lot about organic environments from Red Dead Redemption (the rural areas of San Andreas are abuzz with wildlife), it has learned its game systems from Max Payne. The combat is ultra-smooth with a variety of decent, functional aiming options and a cover mechanic that works almost imperceptibly – the greatest compliment you can pay to this concept. Limited more by the player's imagination than by ability, most set-piece encounters are not overwhelmingly challenging, but they are spectacular - and this is the point. You have to understand that Grand Theft Auto V is not really a game about story or mechanics, even if it wants to be – it is a game about spectacle and experience. [...]