Pfister Comet Mk3

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Date: 10.04.2021
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Pfister Comet Mk3
model from GTA IV and GTA V by M4k3 (MaxBaxman)

The 3rd generation of Comet was introduced in 2003 to replace the 13 years old 2nd generation. This time designers of Pfister had to remove the giant fan from the engine because every time there was a Comet around you'd see a bunch of folks complaining about the noise all day even when the car was off. Though, we can't guarantee you'll be seeing these same folks smiling when they see you in the new Comet especially if you decide to take the SR version. The engineers twitched some things and turned the good old Comet into something that drives faster than it looks now. So don't go over your head on that corner, you hear me?


  • Add-On car (ID 1195) or replaces Comet

  • SAMP compatible - wheels have correct size and don't sink into the ground, tuning doesn't crash

  • ImVehFt compatible - you can use the vehicle with or without ImVehFt (Bonus folder has new dirt and tire textures for ImVehFt)

  • VehFuncs 2.1 compatible - working wipers, engine vibration

  • Optimized model and textures (if you want to reduce their size even more then use MagicTXD)

  • Custom collision, flat shadow

  • Custom reflection texture. Check Bonus folder if you want stronger reflections (recommended to be used with SkyGFX/GFXHack)

  • GTA SA dynamic numberplates

  • 2 Car Colors: 1st - Car Body Paint, 2nd - unused, 3rd - Plastic Parts (usually black or gray), 4th - unused (though I usually leave it for wheels)

  • SkyGFX/ENB/GFXHack compatible

  • Adapted to M4k3's New Car Animations 1.6

  • Settings inside separate TXT file - very easy to install with ModLoader

  • Has visible gas tank cap

  • Can be tuned in TransFender, custom Add-On parts included. Also adapted to M4k3's GTA 5 Tuning Parts

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Pfister Comet Mk3
Pfister Comet Mk3 Pfister Comet Mk3 Pfister Comet Mk3 Pfister Comet Mk3 Pfister Comet Mk3 Pfister Comet Mk3 Pfister Comet Mk3

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