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Coil Raiden

Author: M4k3
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Date: 28.01.2018
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Coil Raiden
model from GTA Online: The Doomsday Heist by M4k3 (MaxBaxman)

The Raiden is a masterpiece of understatement. If it pulled up next to you while you were slumped over, sobbing at the lights, you wouldn't bother to look up from your ex's Snapmatic profile. But then the lights go green, and you see it put down the kind of noiseless acceleration that internal combustion can only dream of. Your iFruit falls from your snotty grip, and you think: maybe the world's not so bad after all

Differences compared to previous version: new improved electric engine sound, model fixes, new badging, VehFuncs adaptation, improved interior texture.


  • Add-On car (ID 999) or replaces Elegant
  • Includes Add-On Tuning Parts for this car only (IDs 11970-11975, 2 parts of Type 1 and 4 parts of Type 2)
  • SAMP compatible - wheels have correct size and don't sink into the ground, tuning doesn't crash
  • ImVehFt compatible - only one version that works with and without ImVehFt
  • ImVehFt features: dirt on paintable parts, plastic, chrome, wheels; all lights work, brake hubs only appear with ImVehFt installed
  • VehFuncs 2.2 compatible - working wipers, engine vibration, rear lights and roof windows can be damaged (named as right and left rear fenders/wings)
  • Optimized model and textures (if you want to reduce their size even more then use MagicTXD)
  • Custom collision, flat shadow
  • Custom reflection texture.
  • GTA SA dynamic numberplates
  • 3 Car Colors: 1st - Car Body Paint, 2nd - Some Panel Parts, 3rd - Plastic Parts (usually black or gray), 4th - unused (though I usually leave it for wheels)
  • SkyGFX/ENB/GFXHack compatible
  • Adapted to M4k3's New Car Animations 1.6 (without it you may have legs sticking out)
  • TXT files with settings - both for tuning and car itself that can be installed easily with ModLoader + manual installation settings (VehicleAudioLoader settings, shopping.dat settings, cargrp.dat settings -< these have to be copied and pasted manually).
  • Has visible recharge cap (doesn't explode since it's electric vehicle)
  • Tuning can be installed in TransFender. Adapted to M4k3's GTA 5 Tuning Parts
  • Bonus materials include: stronger reflection texture (add to vehicle.txd with DXT1 compression), new ImVehFt dirt, tyie and plate textures, plate textures for non-IVF users (replace in vehicle.txd, make sure platecharset is not compressed).
  • Files are unlocked - should be importable without any problem (TXD can be opened with MagicTXD). I can send 3ds Max 2012 project file if needed.

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Coil Raiden
Coil Raiden Coil Raiden Coil Raiden Coil Raiden Coil Raiden

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