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Hello everyone and welcome to my personal page on GTAInside!

I'm Mad Driver (or Mad_Driver10) - one of world famous modder and car convertor for GTA: San Andreas!

I'm working with this legendary game from 2008!
So, here you can download my all released vehicle mods from 2012 to present time.

If you have any further questions, or you fing a bug on my vehicle, fell free to contact me by a Private Message.

My projects list:
(Autumm-Winter 2018)
1949 Mercury Eight Custom (Cuban) --- 88%
1973 Mercury Capri --- 85%
1946 Ford Super Deluxe (69A-79B) --- 78%

1989 Mazda MX-5 Miata (NA) 1.1 [T] --- 72%
1987 Buick GNX / Regal 1.1 --- 15%

1999 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI (CP9A) --- 70%
1991 Mazda RX-7 (FD) (US-Spec) --- 53%

Country: Russian Federation Age: 26
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Ferrari Testarossa (US-Spec) 1987
Mad_Driver10 | 02.08.2019 | 2101

Comments: 229

 Quote: Megalow

Link for the Lamborghini Countach?biggrin


 Quote: P97

Amazing Car But No Good For Weak PC

I tried to slim this car as I can.
TXD was 50 Mb before rescaling original textures..

1973 Ford Capri RS [Add-On]
00AbOlFaZl00 | 11.05.2019 | 653

Comments: 229

Hm, I don't remember that I give permission to you for convertion my Capri in V.
And where is rear bumper? Why you removed it?

Mercury Eight Custom (9CM-72) 1949 1.01
Mad_Driver10 | 29.04.2019 | 2844

Comments: 229

@Hyper_Storm Nope.

 Quote: felixfast

PS : I recall I have seen a Ferrari F355 a few years a go at your webiste in WIP. Are you still considering to make one?

I stopped this project, because I don't have engine and trunk model in good quality for this car sorry

Mercury Eight Custom (9CM-72) 1949 1.01
Mad_Driver10 | 07.04.2019 | 2844

Comments: 229

@vagos Yes, it's possible. Download and install this CLEO script to your game:
...and Custom Hermes (and other PJs cars) will be in traffic with vinyls.
@T-808 Nah, I'm bored with this project already..
@Megalow Lool, I remember that piece of.. Laugh
But I prefer to make this car from zero.
Also, someone working on NSX too:

Mercury Eight Custom (9CM-72) 1949 1.01
Mad_Driver10 | 02.04.2019 | 2844

Comments: 229

@Krosscage Yes, I do. bb
I remember your request for updating Sesto Elemento and I'm working on update. I added digital speedometer and tahometer, fixed some uncommon bugs, remade chassis_vlo and Shadow models. Currently I merging chassis with new engine from CSR 2 and installing new door sills.
This SE will be marvelous, I promise! crazy

@Megalow I thinking about NSX and maybe it's a good idea to made an Acura from NSX-R: remove all "Type R" merchandise, convert right steer to lest side..
And.. CSR 2 with "Legends Update" bring a good model for SA. Maybe I'll take a look at it and try to remade NSX-R to regular NSX..

@Techno-Sachin@MacTavish141 Doc Hudson is a Hudson Hornet, not a Mercury Coupe! Don't confuse the models.. hunter