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Hello everyone and welcome to my personal page on GTAInside!

I'm Mad Driver (or Mad_Driver10) - one of world famous modder and car convertor for GTA: San Andreas!

I'm working with this legendary game from 2008!
So, here you can download my all released vehicle mods from 2012 to present time.

If you have any further questions, or you fing a bug on my vehicle, fell free to contact me by a Private Message.

My current projects list:
1976 Ford Bronco (Ranger) --- 55%
1967 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow --- 50%

1989 Ferrari F40 1.3 --- 90%
1989 Mazda MX-5 Miata (NA) 1.1 --- 70%
1987 Buick GNX / Regal 2.0 --- 22%

1992 GMC Syclone/Typhoon --- 50%
1970 AMC Rebel --- 48%
1958 Maserati 3500 GT Coupe (AM101) --- 25%
1978 Chrysler Cordoba (SS-25) --- 15%

Country: Russian Federation Age: 27
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Acura NSX (NA1) 1991
Funky | 24.02.2021 | 122

Comments: 259

 Quote: Mohamed ENsay

what the Reshade you added in a Game
or Timecyc ?

It's a standart gta3 graphics with Xbox HD textures and this reflections:

Jeep CJ-5 "Renegade" 1976
seke757, Mad_Driver10 | 19.02.2021 | 1730

Comments: 259

 Quote: UnchiuGabi

Bro i'm so mad on you bcs u don't give us the enb. Just tell me if it's an enb or a reshade.

Sorry, but those screenshots didn't made by me. The author is Maxim Balach.
Ask him about ENB settings smile

 Quote: squidiskool

This looks amazing, but I can't figure out what folder I'm supposed to use scare

Use version which adapted to IVF, Active Dash and VehFuncs.
This version has a lot of features. If you have problems with those modifications, use HQLM Version instead pardon

 Quote: Ghostz

Nice I give it 10/10. Can you make Nissan Skyline gtr R34? I really I appreciate your work

Thank you! Check juanma_16's Skyline R34, it's really qualitatively one conversion:

 Quote: Riku.jericho

10/10 but txd is broken

TXD isn't broken. It's locked. pardon

 Quote: captain4RS6

this is the best classic jeeps I've ever seen!!! good work!
anyway,did you have any plans for the porsche classics such as the 928 or the 968?I'm still waiting the high quality european classic cars

Thank you! Yeah, I'm thinking to make 928, 959 and 968 Porsches.
They're very rare and still didn't properly made. So, maybe after Bronco I put them on my "To Do List" crazy

Jeep CJ-5 "Renegade" 1976
seke757, Mad_Driver10 | 10.02.2021 | 1730

Comments: 259

 Quote: Wei chun

So you make continued to make international scout suv ?

Not me. International Scout is Skvgr26r's project.
And yes, he is currently working on this car smile

 Quote: Ryuujin01

goodgoodgoodgoodgood 11/10 I am enjoying it, right now I am on Mount Chilliad, by the way what is your next project I give as suggestion a legend jdm Silvia s15

Thank you! smile
Nah, I don't like JDM-market cars. But not all of them.
In near future I'll announce one of few Japan cars, that I want to convert into SA biggrin

 Quote: NGR_Ardiansyah

very nice but missed opportunity to add Jurassic Park paintjob hahahah rofl

Why? Cj-5 supports paintjobs, so you can easily make Jurassic PJ and apply to the car as mesa1.txd smile

 Quote: Pranjit Das

The weirdest thing of this vehicle is that it's also CJ too! shokshok It's like having a car with same name as you! roflroflpardonpardon
10/10 very nice car! Keep up the good works man! goodgoodgoodgoodDirolDirol

Hahaha lol It's true, I didn't even notice that thing sarcastic_hand
And Thank you! bye

 Quote: Mohamed ENsay

Thanks to "Maxim Balach"Dirol

Yep, he made an awesome screens for release Dirol

 Quote: S3t

@Mad_Driver10 I want make some of Ur cars tunable in Loco Low Co. garage. How to make it?

Very simple. In handling editor choose your car's handling line and add flag LOW_RIDER. Then in vehicles.ide change last number from 0 to 1 for installing tuning wheels in LocoLow. bye

Jeep CJ-5 "Renegade" 1976
seke757, Mad_Driver10 | 09.02.2021 | 1730

Comments: 259

 Quote: draxon

I give you 9/10, it's nice but ... I had to unlock the txd, I thought that the textures of the seats were in the txd, they are black, ugly, at least it would have been white. I'll just test the dff to see if I can fix those textures

This Jeep support 4-color scheme. Seats on both versions can be colorable with 3th color. Did you install all settings included in archive?
And what do you mean about "ugly seat textures"?
In real life Levi's Edition Renegade package the seats were made from denim. Also denim-interiored Levi's edition packages were available on several AMC models in the mid-'70s. Stock version of CJ-5 has leather textured seats. So I don't understand what the problems with seats you are..
Screens without ENBs I always posting in albums in VK group. Here they're:

 Quote: angelforce

Few months ago I made a decision to replace all vehicles in gta_sa which supports imvehft,Active dash board and maybe VehFuncs,I got many of them,bikes,cars,trucks but got stuck with mesa grande since there are not many replacement,but today sir you made my days by providing this mod,thank you,can you make more of jeep models?

Thank you! You're welcome! good
About more Jeep models.. I'm thinking to convert Carface's Jeep Gladiator J-200 into SA, but firstly I need to take permission from him to make this jeep. Currently I working with another seke757's project - Ford Bronco '75, which will be replacement for rnchlure (Racher from mission 'The Lure').

1962 Peel P50
NGR_Ardiansyah-DTD | 17.01.2021 | 1336

Comments: 259

Daymn! That whip is thicccc! Laugh crazy biggrin
I'm thinking to make BMW Isetta for Sweeper replacement.
Soo, maybe I'll do it as an alternative replecement sarcastic_hand