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Plymouth Fury Salon (RL41) 1978 1.0.1

Author: Solo, Robin74t, Mad Driver
Website | Email
Date: 25.05.2017
Downloads: 17214 | Statistics
Filesize: 10.248 MB

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What's new in 1.0.1:
- Fixed bug with unexpodiable petrol cap dummy
- Fixed bug with trunk model
- Fixed bug with front bumper light glass

Car's features:
- Quality car model with full 3d engine, underbody, interior and etc
- 2 extras
- Car's scale - 110% from original 3D model
- 4 colors support (1st - exterior, 2nd - roof, 3rd and 4th - interior)
- SA Plates and orignal SA Colors support
- Custom paintjob support (template for creating custom paintjobs included)
- Fully working: dashboard lighting, turn lights, brake lights, fog lights, reverse lights, head lights, tail lights, beam lights
- Fully working: steering wheel, speedometer, tahometer, wipers, brakepads, suspension, engine's fan, universal joint (!)
- Fully working: fuel, engine and oil temperature indicators, voltmeter
- Custom Shadow, Collision, chassis_vlo models
- Realistic damage model and handling
- Real-time reflections on side-mirrors (working only with SkyGFX!)
- Perfectly adapted for SkyGFX, ENB Series and without it
- Adapted for Improved Vehicle Features 2.1.1
- Adapted for Active Dashboard 3.2.1
- Adapted for High Quality Light Mod 2.0
- Adapted for Vehicle Special Abilities 1.2
- Adapted for Mad Driver's New Tuning Parts 2.0
- Adapted for GFX Hack.asi plugin
- Didn't tested in SAMP or MTA Servers
- Bonus features to install: Real Car Name in GXT & IVF Colors Custom Settings file
- File's sizes: dff - 10.3 MB; txd - 3.94 MB
- Replaces: WILLARD

Original base 3d model: Robin74t
New scratchmade model and conversion to GTA V: Solo
Converted and Improved to GTA SA: Mad Driver

Special Thanks!
- Alfa Modding Studio
- Robin74t - for base model
- Solo - for new scratchmade model, permission for conversion to SA, all unlocked files, beta-test
- Roman_K - for support, help, info about car
- ADR - for support, help, info about car
- seke757 - for support, help
- M4k3 - for helping with lightbar adaptation on Police versions, support
- Maxim Balach - for support, help
- Hanan-SRB - for support, help
- DIMEN - for support, help
- StratenSurf - for support, help
- Skvgr26r - for support, help
- Artem_87 - for support, help
- rosacasso - for support, help
- Pav3l - for support, help
- izerli - for Active dashboard 3.2.1
- DK22Pac - for Improved Vehicle Features 2.1.1
- And all others who helps me and wathing for this project ^^

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Plymouth Fury Salon (RL41) 1978 1.0.1
Plymouth Fury Salon (RL41) 1978 1.0.1 Plymouth Fury Salon (RL41) 1978 1.0.1 Plymouth Fury Salon (RL41) 1978 1.0.1 Plymouth Fury Salon (RL41) 1978 1.0.1 Plymouth Fury Salon (RL41) 1978 1.0.1 Plymouth Fury Salon (RL41) 1978 1.0.1 Plymouth Fury Salon (RL41) 1978 1.0.1

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