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Packard Eight Pack (2293) 1948

Author: stratumx, Mad_Driver10
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Date: 29.04.2022
Downloads: 939 | Statistics
Filesize: 53.5 MB

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Package includes
- Packard Standard Eight Touring Wagon
- Packard Standard Eight Touring Sedan
- Packard Standard Eight Touring Sedan LAPD
- Packard Standard Eight Touring Sedan Yellow Cab Co. Taxi

Car's features
- Quality models made from scratch by stratumx
- Car's scale - 110% from original 3D model
- 2-color support: 1st color - body (down), 2nd color - body (top) - Only in Sedan and Taxi versions
- SA Default features support: changing plates, default colors adaptation, explosive fueltank, etc.
- Different extras + their combinations in VehFuncs version
- Adapted for Improved Vehicle Features 2.1.1: steering wheel; front, rear, turn and reverse lights
- Adapted for VehFuncs 2.3 (and higher): combined extras system; engine vibrations; working fan engine, clutch; wipers
- Custom Shadow, Collision, chassis_vlo models
- Realistic damage model and handling
- Perfectly adapted for SkyGFX, ENB Series and without it
- Adapted for "Van Doors" script: working rear double trunk doors (script included in archive)
- Adapted for High Quality Light Mod 2.0
- Adapted for GFX Hack.asi plugin
- Didn't tested in SAMP, MTA Servers and Mobile version of the game
- File's sizes: dff - 8.7 Мb; txd - 7.1 Мb
- Bonus features to install: Real Car Name in GXT & IVF Colors Custom Settings file

Original 3D Model Author: stratumx
Converted and adapted to GTA SA: Mad Driver (Mad_Driver10)

Special Thanks
- stratumx - for beatiful models, support, advices
- Funky - for beta-testing, support, advices
- Dmitrii_Mods - for beta-testing, support, advices, helping with bonnet
- skvgr26r - for beta-testing, support, advices
- Artem_87 - for beta-testing, support, advices, info about car model
- rush58 - for beta-testing, support, advices
- Ruslan Mur - for beta-testing, support, advices, info about car model
- Sergey Verzilov - for beta-testing, support, advices
- Roman K. - for support, advices
- StratenSurf - for support, advices
- DK22Pac - for Improved Vehicle Features 2.1.1
- Junior_Djjr - for VehFuncs and IVF Fix
- kenking - for "Van Doors" CLEO Script
- Lucky - for car's settings
- Renegade - for links
- Zhenya4513 - for Packard photos
- FLED - for help with body mapping
- Maksick - for spring part
- Staghound - for tirecover texture
- alexey - for test, help, videotutorial, trying to help with bonnet and for scratch texture
- Steven Paul ( - photoset of original car
- vadikgg - for comments
- Irbis - for advices, comments and convert to GTA IV
- L.A. Noire Game и 40-50-х гг. music - for atmosphere
- And all others who helps me and wathing for this project ^^

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Packard Eight Pack (2293) 1948
Packard Eight Pack (2293) 1948 Packard Eight Pack (2293) 1948 Packard Eight Pack (2293) 1948 Packard Eight Pack (2293) 1948 Packard Eight Pack (2293) 1948 Packard Eight Pack (2293) 1948 Packard Eight Pack (2293) 1948

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