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Zolika1351's Trainer REWRITE 4.0

Author: Zolika1351
Date: 20.08.2018
Downloads: 264711 | Statistics
Filesize: 37.392 MB

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I've been rewriting the entire trainer from scratch with much more optimized code, using the new function pointer system that my friend added to SC-CL and a printf function that another friend of mine sent me. The rewritten version doesn't have every single feature from the old one, only the ones that I felt were important. I'm going to add any feature back if enough people request it.

F7 and Numpad
F6 for airbreak
OEM keys for shortcuts (Never Wanted, Unlimited Ammo, Resurrect, etc)

4.0 Changelog:
Blackscreen Protection now disabled by default
Added Unlimited Ammo hotkey
Fixed Keybinds toggle not working for some keys
Added Special God Mode hotkey
Added Always God Mode hotkey
Added Menu Color menu
Added Text Font menu
Added Selected Border toggle
Added Text Border toggle
Fixed Time and Weather not working when Time or Weather are frozen
Fixed Disable Trainer

3.2 Changelog:
Fixed Vehicle ID Protection making the car undriveable if driver dies
Added Burn Protection
Added Weapon Remove Protection
Made Anti-Attach and Vehicle ID Protection enabled by default in Freemode
Fixed Compact Menu

3.0 Changelog:
Added bool parameter natives
Added Player Data menu
Added SP in MP
Fixed f*ck Up Car and Neon Color acting weird for 1 frame
Added Compact Menu toggle
Set Anti-Attach and Vehicle ID protection to disabled by default

Rewrote the entire menu with function pointers, removing all unused features that were taking up space in the old code
You can hold down NUM2 or NUM8 to scroll faster or tap to scroll at any speed you want
Added Disable Trainer option to Trainer Settings
Redesigned menus with a lot of options, any options going over the maximum number of options in a column will appear in another column
Added names to all episodic weapons
Added Increase/Decrease Wanted Level option
Added Give Health/Armor option
Made Kick option work
Added Experimental menu with native execution
Added EFLC animations to the Animation List
Added Car Attachment to Object Spawning with customizable attach offset
Redesigned Time & Weather menu, Freeze Time and Weather are now in the main area, not in the submenus
Added all 256 available weathers to Weather menu
Added Solidity and Damagability toggles to Object Spawning
Extended the Animations and Object Spawning lists' number of options listed at once
Trainer no longer waits before spawning things, the game will freeze to load the model, and if there's any issues it will unfreeze and won't crash or hang the trainer
Added Walkstyle not Found message instead of making the trainer hang
Added EFLC walkstyles and my addon 3D universe walkstyles to the Walkstyle menu
Added correct EFLC vehicles centre of mass for middle mouse fly

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Zolika1351's Trainer REWRITE 4.0
Zolika1351's Trainer REWRITE 4.0 Zolika1351's Trainer REWRITE 4.0 Zolika1351's Trainer REWRITE 4.0 Zolika1351's Trainer REWRITE 4.0 Zolika1351's Trainer REWRITE 4.0 Zolika1351's Trainer REWRITE 4.0 Zolika1351's Trainer REWRITE 4.0

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