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Welcome to my GTAinside userpage! Here you find some information about my live in Los Santos and Liberty City. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact me by a Private Message.


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Zolika1351's Trainer REWRITE 4.0
Zolika1351 | 15.08.2019 | 232161

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Thank you for providing this mod and for your efforts.
What I don't find fair is the fact that you provide zero explaination how to install it and a simple explaination what the trainer is capable of. This is the WORST service I've ever come across in my recent years running hacks and mods. Those people did provide terribly-written tutorials only a high level genius, who knows how cmd, Python etc. works, but atleast they provide an explaination, which is depending on the tutorial difficult to understand for beginners, you on the other hand provide nothing. Is it that really hard to write a small documentation what it is and how to install it? If you can't atleast provide this and refuse to, then don't bother next time with your mods. Seriously. "Yeah whatever."

For the others: You can easily install this trainer by transfering the two files inside /cdimages to your GTA IV game. Go to the main folder, where your game is installed. For example: C:\Programs\GTAIV and go to \common\data\cdimages. If you have no idea how to find it or can't find it, hit the windows button, type in the empty field bellow "GTAIV" and search for the directory. If you use Windows 10, there is a search field next to the windows logo you can use aswell. If Windows found it, click on the directory. Go to \common\data\cdimages. I recommend doing a backup of script.img and script_network.img. Afterwards, transfer or copy&paste the two files from \Easty install\common\data\cdimages to the other \cdimages folder (from the actual game). Because this guy provides no better explaintion what the other files inside the \Manual install folder do, I have no idea how to install the other files and I've no idea what they do.