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GTA IV/EFLC Los Santos Weather V 8.4 (06.06.2021)

Author: t-ru
Date: 25.12.2018
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Filesize: 95.327 MB

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Work with patches: IV; EFLC !!!
Complete Edition - Work, but with Bad Looking Clouds, better to Downgrade to!!!

-GTA V Visuality: careful attention to all hours and weathers!
-Sun shafts, God Rays effect!
-Fluffy, volumetric clouds!
-Each weather has his own type of clouds!
-Reshade with RTGI Global Illumination, MXAO, FXAA, LightDoF Far and FilmicAnamorphSharpen!
-Compatibility with EFLC/IV.Project2DFX!
-V style el.light coronas!
-Adaptation only daytime!
-Night Adaptation from the electric lights sources!
-Wet effect on the character and peds during rainy weathers!
-Ambient light around the skyscrapers during nights!
-During nights, the shadows and the light from the moon are visible only on appropriate places!
-During nights is added ambient light from the street lamps on the streets without moonlight!
-Added sunlight in the interiors with windows!
-The steam from the street shafts is disabled!
-Read the ReadMe.txt files!!!!!!
Version 8.4 (06.06.2021)
- Overall improvements!!!
- Improved light system!
- Improved sunny windy clouds!
- Fixed/Removed reflected sun/moon during cloudy and rainy weathers!
- Many small fixes!!!
Version 8.2 (05.2021)
- Overall improvements!!!
- Improved god rays!
- Improved/fixed clouds during intermediate weathers!
* Probably the last version, I did what I wanted!!!
Version 8.1 (04.16.2021)
- Overall improvements!!!
- Improved sky and clouds during Cloudy, Rainy and Drizzle.
Version 7.7 (03.19.2021)
- Overall improvements - clouds, variety of clouds, sunny-windy weather,
colors, lights...
- Improved RTGI Global Illumination settings!
Version 7.6 (03.03.2021)
- Improved clouds!
- Improved night's colors and skies!
- Overall improvements!
Version 7.5 (01.19.2021)
- Improved clouds during sunny windy.
- Improved RTGI Global Illumination settings.
Version 7.4 (01.15.2021)
- Overall improvements - clouds, colors, lights, shadings areas, rain drops... .
- Improved/Fixed Thunder weather.
Version 7.3 (01.01.2021)
- Overall improvements.
- Improved but not fixed clouds on Complete Edition, the best way is to
downgrade to, read CompleteEdition2020.txt.

There is a Changelog.txt read it to know about the updates!!!
Credits/Special Thanks:
-Rockstar Games!!!
-Boris Vorontsov: For ENB Series!!!
-IceLaglace for IcenHancer files!!!
-Crosire, Marty McFly and all Reshade Team: For the great Reshade shaders!!!
-MysTer92: For the Amazing Edit IV tool!!!
-nkjellman: For fixing of traffic lights, TBoGT car lights!!!

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GTA IV/EFLC Los Santos Weather V 8.4 (06.06.2021)
GTA IV/EFLC Los Santos Weather V 8.4 (06.06.2021) GTA IV/EFLC Los Santos Weather V 8.4 (06.06.2021) GTA IV/EFLC Los Santos Weather V 8.4 (06.06.2021) GTA IV/EFLC Los Santos Weather V 8.4 (06.06.2021) GTA IV/EFLC Los Santos Weather V 8.4 (06.06.2021) GTA IV/EFLC Los Santos Weather V 8.4 (06.06.2021) GTA IV/EFLC Los Santos Weather V 8.4 (06.06.2021)

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