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GTA IV/EFLC Los Santos Weather V 4.6 (12.27.2019)

Author: t-ru
Date: 25.12.2018
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Work with patches: IV; EFLC - (Recommended); IV; EFLC.

-GTA V Visuality: careful attention to all hours and weathers!
-Feeling of summer heat!
-Manholes, air conditioners and mouth steam are disabled!
-If the Graphics Settings are maxed out the games will looks like the Current Gen!
-Sun shafts, God Rays effect!
-Ambient occlusion MXAO Reshade!
-Chromatic-Aberration Reshade!
-Fluffy volumetric clouds!
-V style el.light coronas!
-Adaptation only daytime!
-Night Adaptation from the electric lights sources!
-Wet effect on the character and peds during rainy weathers!
-Ambient light around the skyscrapers during nights!
-During nights, the shadows and the light from the moon are visible only on appropriate places!
-Read the ReadMe.txt files!!!!!!

Version 4.6 (12.27.2019)
-Improved rainy weathers and fixed reflection at these weathers!
-Many other small improvements!
Version 4.5 (08.19.2019)
-Newest version of ReShade!
-Improved clouds, now the clouds have more depth and better edges, also improve
the variety of the clouds through the different weathers!

-Improved the tail lights of the vehicles!

-Many other improvements like shadings, lights, colors... etc!
Version 4.4 (06.04.2019)
- Overall improvements and Fixes!

- Volumetric fluffy clouds: small and detail and big,
scary and fluffy clouds all weather has own unique clouds,
there is no clouds only at some hours at EXTRASUNNY,
the clouds appear gradually from small and fragmented till big and fluffy and disappear in the reverse way.

-Night Adaptation from the electric lights sources: At Nights when the vehicle lights are turned on the ambient become darker,
the same is under the street lamps and on the streets with a lot of el. lights sources.
Version 4.3 (01.27.2019)
- Overall improvements!
- Improved/Fixed sky colors at sunny days!
- Removed AmbientLight from ReShade, now it's much better!
Version 4.1 (01.13.2019)
- Improved Clouds quality and now the clouds moves!
- Improved/Fixed Sky colors and horizon!
Version 4.0 (01.02.2019)
- Fixed god rays at midday hours!
Credits/Special Thanks:
-Rockstar Games!!!
-Boris, and ICEleGlace: For ENB Series/ICEnhancer!!!
-Crosire, Marty McFly and all Reshade Team: For the great Reshade shaders!!!
-MysTer92: For the Amazing Edit IV tool!!!
-nkjellman: For fixing of traffic lights, TBoGT car lights!!!

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GTA IV/EFLC Los Santos Weather V 4.6 (12.27.2019)
GTA IV/EFLC Los Santos Weather V 4.6 (12.27.2019) GTA IV/EFLC Los Santos Weather V 4.6 (12.27.2019) GTA IV/EFLC Los Santos Weather V 4.6 (12.27.2019) GTA IV/EFLC Los Santos Weather V 4.6 (12.27.2019) GTA IV/EFLC Los Santos Weather V 4.6 (12.27.2019) GTA IV/EFLC Los Santos Weather V 4.6 (12.27.2019) GTA IV/EFLC Los Santos Weather V 4.6 (12.27.2019)

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