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Unknown Enb V2.0

Author: The_Unknown11
Website | Email
Date: 20.02.2014
Downloads: 6398 | Statistics
Filesize: 28.64 MB

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Unknown Enb V2.0

Catalogue :

A) New Features
B) Instalation
C) Tester Specs
D) Ending

This Enb Is Project From Unknown Enb V1.0

A. New Features :

1. New Reflection Settings
2. New DOF Settings
3. New colormod Settings
4. New Motion Blur Settings
5. New lensflare
6. New timecyc

B. Instalation :

1. Install CLEO 4 first
2. Copy all of files to you're GTA San-Andreas Directory
3. Run your Game
4. Press Shift + F12 to activate, and press it again to deactivate.
5. Have Fun, Hope you like it ;)
6. Enjoy :D

C. Tester Specs :

- Windows : Winsdows 8 64-bit x64 based-processor
- Processor : Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2310M CPU @ 2.10GHz
- RAM : 2GB DDR3 Memory
- GPU : Intel HD Graphics 3000

D. Ending :

Have some questions? Contact My E-Mail : [email protected]

Sorry For Bad English :D Because I'm Indonesian

Thanks For Download, and wait for Unknown Enb V3.0 ;)

Special Thanks For :
- Rockstar Games (Thanks For The Game)
- Boris Vorontsov (ENB)
- PetkaGtA (San Andreas Graphics Enhancement)
- Seemann (CLEO 4)
- Beenja (Sperm Lensflare)
- Glacier Lancelot (Lensflare from LexusG_s Photographic ENB - Springtime)
- Ceejay (SweetFX)
- Dylanimus aka spelspelen (Bullethole)
- Silent (Amazing Screenshoot)
- fastman92 (Car Spawner)
- iCRAZED (Ultimate Cheats Mods)
- ENB Series Official Community (Facebook Group)

By : The_Unknown11

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Unknown Enb V2.0
Unknown Enb V2.0 Unknown Enb V2.0 Unknown Enb V2.0

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