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Money HUD

Author: likesner | Email
Date: 21.08.2020
Downloads: 3011 | Statistics
Filesize: 4.593 MB

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Hello, i have a simple but convenient mod for you.

This is a feature that i missed in GTASA. I got bored having to count the difference between how much money i had before i robbed a dealer and how much i had after that. This handy counter shows you how much money you have picked up (or gained by any other means, works with HESOYAM as well, for example) and it counts up as long as you are picking up more money. After 5 seconds (default) the counter disappears.

This mod is configurable through an ini file. You can configure the font, the alignment, the time before it disappears, the colors and size of the text and its position.

The archive contains all the screenshots and the video.

Rate and comment, and let me know if there are any bugs or if you have suggestions.


UPDATE: uploaded a new version. It has better coding and the TIME parameter is now in milliseconds. I have also removed the video from the archive to cut the size.

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Money HUD
Money HUD Money HUD

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