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Cheat Menu v.5 (PC) New Feature!

Author: Alvian9xpro
Date: 23.06.2019
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San Andreas Cheat Menu v.5 By Alvian9xpro

Updated 27 - July - 2019

Press 1+C For start the Menu , now you can change it !!

This is Latest Version of Cheat Menu
Very simple and useful Mod ever since 2012 !!
Now im update with more cool Feature

Requires Cleo v.4.3 , if you not have one . download the Tools Here
Mod Tools

Whats New ?
- Backup From V.3 Script
- Keypress Can Be change
- New Keypress Shorcut
- Panel style and location can be change
- Time Stopper Change to Airbreak
- Time Speed Added
- Set Time And Weather Is Blend it
- Change Unflip Vehicle location
- Spawn Vehicle Now Available when interior
- Super Jump added
- Super Punch added
- Hot Coffee Censore Remover added ( Girlfriend dating )
- Bankrupt , Zero , Max money added
- Walkstyle changer added
- Wardrobe , Tattos , Hairdstyle added
- Traffic cheats added
- No Traffic added
- Set current zone gangs now set perfectly
- Teleport to marker now fixed
- Teleport to Interior Added
- Free Moving Camera Added
- Refresh Game added
- Gravity added
- Bike . Train cheat menu added
- Car list added ( by Razor1096 )
- Lung capacity cheat added
- Text fixed

Other Mod By Me !
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Drive Score v.2
Object Spawner
Mind Control and Possession v.12.5
Scene Maker v.2.0

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Have fun !

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Cheat Menu v.5 (PC) New Feature!
Cheat Menu v.5 (PC) New Feature! Cheat Menu v.5 (PC) New Feature! Cheat Menu v.5 (PC) New Feature! Cheat Menu v.5 (PC) New Feature! Cheat Menu v.5 (PC) New Feature! Cheat Menu v.5 (PC) New Feature! Cheat Menu v.5 (PC) New Feature!

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