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RZL-Trainer v2.0.1

Author: muhammad_herizal
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Date: 27.05.2019
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RZL-Trainer v2.0.1

For those who don't know what this is, this is a cheat menu that is often called the Trainer in GTA V or IV.

Features in it:
- Player Options
- Vehicles Options
- Actor Spawner or Skin Slector
- Vehicles Spawner
- Teleporting
- Mission Selector
- Time Options
- Weapons Selector
- Weather Selector
- and anymore....

Big Update!!!
Already 74,629 lines of code were written. The trainer is very stable.
What's new?
# Shortcut key added
- atl+Q = air break
- J = enter nearest vehicle
- ] = instant speed up
- [ = instant stop
# Language added
- language Spanish (translated by iAboika)
# General Option, menu added
- trainer color menu (can change theme color)
- suicide
- shortcut key (can enable/disable)
- keep position, if wasted/busted
- gravity control menu
# Vehicle Option, menu added
- enter nearest vehicle (shortcut key ready)
- instant speed up (shortcut key ready)
- instant stop (shortcut key ready)
- drive-by/aim in car (hold click right to aim in car)
- perfect handling
- bicycle huge jump
# Actor Spawning, menu added
- appearance menu (change clothes, hair, and tattoo)
# Vehicle Spawning, menu added
- added vehicle menu (480 slots available)
- input vehicle id
- appear vehicle id in bottom menu while driving
# Teleporting, menu added
- go through door
- interior menu (teleport to interior)
# Weapons, menu added
- auto aim/lock-on (aim+q/e = aim+weapon next/prev)
- added weapon menu (60 slots available)
# Other
- Replay F1 & F3 has disable (can enable again in RZL-Trainer.ini config but game must restart)
- and fix bug....

Main menu key
F2 = show/hide menu
joypad left+R3 = show menu
numpad 5/ right Shift/ joypad right = Accept
numpad 0/ Backspace/ joypad left = Back
numpad 8/ arrow up/ joypad up = UP
numpad 2/ arrow down/ joypad down = Down
numpad 4/ arrow left = Left
numpad 6/ arrow right = Right
Shorcut key
atl+Q = air break
Delete = Teleport to marker
' = Go through door
J = enter nearest vehicle
] = instant speed up
[ = instant stop

Find a bug report in the comment column.

Don't forget to give me PERFECT RATING so I am excited.
I work voluntarily, I hope you appreciate that.
Thank you very much........

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RZL-Trainer v2.0.1
RZL-Trainer v2.0.1 RZL-Trainer v2.0.1 RZL-Trainer v2.0.1 RZL-Trainer v2.0.1 RZL-Trainer v2.0.1 RZL-Trainer v2.0.1 RZL-Trainer v2.0.1

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