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Kantai Collection Itasha Mod Project Pack

Author: Grand Theft Auto : Itasha Community
Date: 25.06.2015
Downloads: 32170 | Statistics
Filesize: 135.135 MB

9.77 based on 79 votes

This project present by :
Grand Theft Auto Itasha Community's members. All of the car mods that used to create our project is 100% Public Released mod
in GTAINSIDE.COM web and the other Mod web Source.
Make sure you read all instruction in 'README' notepad file before you install our itasha mod one by one. Don't forget to backup your file first
before you install all mods. Game crash isn't our responsibility because we're warn you first :D

Thank you for all participant who help us to make this project come true. ^_^
below is the itasha maker participant list :

1. VivaRocks
2. Flugel Lamoire [GhzFaster] a.k.a Y.uki[DiL]
3. Kanoon48 Mods
4. Akihiko03
5. Saitou.Corp
6. Norihide_Aihara
7. N.Y.CNibutani
8. Samid_27
9. DMSogan
10. ASR04
11. Aspire551
12. Dionisius Simatupang
13. Dr.Drift
14. Yuuki Akame
15. De_Fura
16. Skayya Artworks
17. R69
18. Gremory23
19. P.P.R
20. Natsume
21. Marcelino Homenta
22. MDL

hope you enjoy our ITASHA :D
Keep support our team with 10 stars rate at GTAInside, We'll be back soon for other Itasha Project Pack mod.

more Itasha Screenshot gallery and download link, visit here too :

Grand Theft Auto : Itasha Community

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Kantai Collection Itasha Mod Project Pack
Kantai Collection Itasha Mod Project Pack Kantai Collection Itasha Mod Project Pack Kantai Collection Itasha Mod Project Pack

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