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GTA V Stanier (First Generation)

Author: Rockstar north, monster875, 4sinayousefi
Date: 22.06.2014
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In the name of God
Hello everyone!!!
I'm here with an edited car from GTA 4 look likes GTA V Stanier 1 Generation by dear monster875 and convered by me (4sinayousefi). This car is civilian version of taxi, police cruiser and NOOSE cruiser from GTA 4.
I converted it to GTA SA.
This car is set with ImVeHLM created by dear dk22pac (indactors, break lights,
steering and reversing light)
This car also have damage parts.
This car doesn't have the original wheel from GTA V.
And many other thinks to say.

Special thanks to:
dear M4k3 for some textures from his Vapid Stanier 2 Generation
dear monster875 for edited this car for GTA 4
and all of you for downloading this mod

I hope you enjoy!!!
Don't forget comment and rate this mod
And last sorry for my bad English

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GTA V Stanier (First Generation)
GTA V Stanier (First Generation) GTA V Stanier (First Generation) GTA V Stanier (First Generation)

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