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Jeep CJ-5 "Renegade" 1976 1.1

Author: seke757, Mad_Driver10
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Date: 09.02.2021
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Filesize: 23.367 MB

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The Jeep CJ-5 followed the CJ-3b starting in 1955 and was produced all the way until 1983. These trucks featured the more cohesive and iconic front end design which was carried into the CJ-7 range.

List of changes in 1.1:
- Fixed bug with side wings on the "Renegade" version adapted to HQLM and IVF
- Fixed bug with the suspension: due to the wrong scale, it was a little smaller compared to the bottom, and now the suspension is fully functional
- Fixed the work of the arrows of the dashboard, rear lights and sidemarkers: now they don't turning off when the front fenders are damaged
- Changed car paint scheme: 1st color - body, 2nd color - roof, 3rd color - Renegade stripe, 4th color - interior
- Added adaptation to Functional Components 1.1: speedometer, tachometer, odometer
- Removed adaptation from "Active Dashboard 3.2.1"
- Added tuning support: fog lights, muffler tips, hood scoop (MDNTP 2.0 RE)
- Added 4 paintjobs made by rush58
- Added 4 new wheels and covers in VehFuncs versions
- Added new extras in VehFuncs versions: snorkel, lights on the roof, air conditioning on the cockpit
- Roof models are transferred from VehFuncs to the standard extra system and work correctly in rainy weather
- Minor fixes and improvements to the model (Jeep lettering is now chrome, added scratches to Renegade plastic fenders, etc.)

Car's features
- Quality model conversion from Forza Horizon 3
- 2 versions in one model: Stock and Renegade (only in VehFuncs version)
- 7 extras + their combinations in VehFuncs version, 5 extras - in IVF and HQLM Version
- 4-color support: 1st color - bodyshell, 2nd color - Renegade stripe, 3rd color - interior, 4th color - roof
- Car's scale - 110% from original 3D model
- SA Plate and default SA Colors support
- Adapted for Improved Vehicle Features 2.1.1: steering wheel, brake hubs; front, rear, turn and reverse lights, side markers; turning lights and side markers indicators on dashboard panel
- Adapted for VehFuncs 2.1 (and higher): combined extras system; gas and brake pedals; engine, gear vibrations; working fan engine, clutch; wipers, trailer hitch
- Adapted for Functional Components 1.1: speedometer, tachometer, odometer
- Custom Shadow, Collision, chassis_vlo models
- Realistic damage model and handling
- Perfectly adapted for SkyGFX, ENB Series and without it
- Perfectly fits in game's atmosphere
- Adapted for High Quality Light Mod 2.0
- Adapted for "Mad Driver's New Tuning Parts 2.0 RE": fog lighta, exhaust tips, hood scoop
- Adapted for GFX Hack.asi plugin
- Didn't tested in SAMP, MTA Servers and Mobile version of the game
- File's sizes: dff - 17.3 MB; txd - 6.66 MB
- Bonus features to install: Real Car Name in GXT & IVF Colors Custom Settings file
- Replaces: MESA

Author of 3D Model: Turn 10 Studios, Forza Horizon 3
Converted and Improved to SA: seke757, Mad Driver

Special Thanks
- Alfa Modding Studio
- Turn 10 Studios - for base model and textures
- seke757 - for first export of Jeep, modeling and giving to me all files of CJ-5, beta-testing, support
- i_ll_punch_you - for new rims
- Nikki - for underbody texture
- Maxim Balach - for screenshots, beta-testing, support
- Avant - for textures, beta-testing, support, helping with VehFuncs
- Artem_87 - for car information, beta-testing, support, advices
- Funky - for beta-testing, support, advices
- Skvgr26r - for beta-testing, support, advices
- grek1986 - for beta-testing, support, advices
- Dmitrii_Mods - for beta-testing, support, advices
- rush58 - for beta-testing, support, advices, new painjobs, textures
- Ruslan Mur - for beta-testing, support, car information
- Sergey Verzilov - for beta-testing, support
- ADR - for support, advices
- liaz6212 - for support, advices
- Roman K. - for support, advices
- StratenSurf - for support, advices
- DK22Pac - for Improved Vehicle Features 2.1.1
- Junior_Djjr - for VehFuncs

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Jeep CJ-5
Jeep CJ-5 Jeep CJ-5 Jeep CJ-5 Jeep CJ-5 Jeep CJ-5 Jeep CJ-5 Jeep CJ-5

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