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GTA V Declasse Moonbeam

Author: _F_ (Birdie) & Ndukong
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Date: 21.12.2019
Downloads: 6387 | Statistics
Filesize: 11.227 MB

10.00 based on 21 votes

replaces moonbeam.dff and moonbeam.txd by default

Attention VehFuncs users! Always be sure to have the latest VehFuncs installed:
VehFuncs version at the time of release: v1.4 02/08/19

- 3 versions:
+ IVF version (original lights, IV/V style dirt)
+ San Andreas version (SA lights and dirt)
+ VehFuncs version (side panel, roof extension, trunk audio/bags/tennis, side skirts, spare wheel, ladder)
- All versions adapted to IVF
- San Andreas reflections
- San Andreas license plates
- Gas tank door
- ped_arm dummy
- High quality damage model
- Featuring all tuning part dummies
- Realistic size
- If replaced by default, no sinking/small wheels in SA-MP/MTA
- Custom .col file
- Fixed R* bugs (door openings etc)
- Custom handling
- Compatible with Improved Vehicle Features by DK22pac
- 100% SA-MP/MTA support

Tuning part dummies are in perfect harmony with Birdie (_F_)'s "GTA V tuning parts mod":

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GTA V Declasse Moonbeam
GTA V Declasse Moonbeam GTA V Declasse Moonbeam GTA V Declasse Moonbeam GTA V Declasse Moonbeam GTA V Declasse Moonbeam

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