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Zolika1351's Trainer REWRITTEN

Author: RealZolika1351
Date: 01.01.2020
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Remember that buggy and ugly mess that was my old trainer? I rewrote the entire thing (again), this time with a much more compact new design, mouse support and less FPS dependency.

Joining/Ghosts display in MP
Keybinds (default config)
- F6 for Airbreak (almost identical to Simple Native Trainer, except the bug with vehicles constantly moving upwards has been fixed)
- Airbreak controls: Numpad 4 & 6 to turn, 8 & 2 to go forward and backwards, W and S to go up and down
- F7 to toggle the menu
- Numpad 4 & 6 to fast scroll bigger menus and to change options with < >
- Numpad 8 & 2 to scroll
- Numpad 5 to enter a menu or select an option
- Numpad 0 to back out of a menu
- ' to move forward through door
- Middle mouse + WASDQE to fly
- ; to toggle Unlimited Ammo
- [ to toggle Never Wanted
- - to resurrect in MP
- = to toggle collision
- 0 to toggle Always God Mode
- M + Numpad 4 to ragdoll
- M + Numpad 5 to get up from ragdoll
- M + Numpad 6 to drunk ragdoll
- M + Numpad 3 to euphoria ragdoll (similar to drunk ragdoll but less drunk)
- RCTRL + Numpad 1 to fix car
- RCTRL + Numpad 2 to flip car
- RCTRL + Numpad 3 to clean car
- Waypoint
- Top of Rotterdam Tower
- Platypus from the Intro, south of Liberty City
- All of Niko's safehouses, Lost MC Clubhouse, Brian's House, and Luis' Apartment
- All cutscene interiors from IV, TLAD and TBoGT
- Up to 256 custom teleport locations saved to .ini
- Teleport out of a car instantly if stuck
- Teleport into nearest car
- Teleport to any blip on the radar
- Spawn any car, including addon ones with manual input support
- Spawn cars with peds in them (e.g. Roman's Taxi, regular cabs, cop cars & helis)
- Recently spawned car models menu
- SuperLOD Cars (vehicle imposters that appear when high up in the air)
- Spawn any ped, including addon ones with manual input support, and even Niko
- Spawn bodyguards, give spawned peds godmode, specific weapons, set them to wander/drive off or stand still, randomize their clothes on spawned
- Give spawned peds any weapon and change their clothes (including hats & glasses) after you've already spawned them
- Kill or delete spawned peds
- Clone your player, clones will follow all keypresses at the same time
- Clone your player as a ped, this way they won't respond to keypresses but will still act like a player (e.g. no ragdoll when shot)
- Change player model to any ped, including addon ones with manual input support
- Change your walkstyle to any animation set, including addon ones with manual input support
- Spawn cars that appeared in story missions (e.g. Roman's Taxi, Bryce's Infernus, Vlad's Blista Compact)
MP Functions
- Teleport to any player
- Teleport into any player's car
- Kick any player (as host only, bypasses requirement to have over 2 players)
- Disable contact for their vehicle (allows you to pass through their car, essentially an anti-ram toggle)
- Copy any player's playermodel (either as a ped or as your own model)
- Copy any player's current car
- Change your team while in-game
- Spectate players while in-game
- Launch into Game option for when you get stuck in lobby (doesn't always work)
Vehicle Options
- Special Car Godmode (keeps deformation but the car won't actually receive engine or gas tank damage and won't explode)
- Car Fix Loop (completely prevents any kind of damage, even scratches)
- Never Dirty
- Set your car's color to a completely random color combination
- Set your car's color to a random combo that the car can naturally spawn in
- Force car engine on if it breaks down
- Disable car collision for dynamic objects
- f*ck Up Car (attaches 18 clones of your car in a circular pattern)
- Change car dirt level
- Attach neons to car
- Delete current car
- Lock/unlock car doors
- Freeze current car in the air
- Set current car to be invisible
- Unlock car 80m/s max speed
- Set car color to rainbow
- Toggle extra parts on car (e.g. gang components for the Schafter)
- Change car's primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary color to any color (including ones above color 133, all the way up til color 255 which isn't even defined in carcols)
- Change car color to a carcols combination
- Change car livery
- Car Turbo (increases acceleration and top speed)
- Car Superbrake
- Fast Cornering (similar to V on higher settings)
- Gravity Modifier
- Save all attached objects to .ini (including ones spawned by other players)
- Open/Close car doors, hood and trunk
- Save car color combinations to .ini
- Warp car forward and backward without stopping
- Unlock height limit for helicopters and planes
- Remove any part of a car (windows, bumpers, spoiler off Sultan RS)
- Detach any part of a car (any part that has collisions, e.g. wheels, windows, fenders, helicopter tails)
- Special God Mode (can still ragdoll from explosions but won't die)
- Always God Mode (won't ragdoll from explosions)
- Health Loop (can die from explosions but won't die to MP out of map killzone)
- Seatbelt
- Mobile Radio
- Never Wanted
- Speedometer (also works on foot, measures in meters per second)
- Unlimited Ammo
- No Reload
- Never Tired
- Fast Reload (uses fast animations from MP)
- Give full health
- Give full armor
- Increase/decrease wanted level
- Display current coordinates and heading
- Spot the currently playing song/music track
- Trigger autosave
- Open save menu anywhere
- Lock game camera
- Unlock all islands (will no longer get a wanted level when crossing bridges)
- Display FPS (either by measuring frametime or by calculating the amount of frames that were drawn the last second)
- Enable/Disable planes
- Unlock camera pitch
- Show damage taken as a subtitle
- Enable movement while zoomed in with a sniper rifle
- Delete all peds/vehicles in area
- Remove locked door status from all vehicles
- Enable control during in-game cutscenes
- Disable scripted cutscene camera
- Drive on Water
- Mirror Screen
- AI Drive Task for player
- LSD Mode
- Sit Down/Stand Up
- Become Fidget Spinner
- Disable Ragdoll
- Slide run (drastically speeds up run speed)
- First Person View (highly customizable and works during all cutscenes)
- Pause game at any time (including in Multiplayer)
- Turn invisible
- Disable traffic
- Increase traffic density
- Spawn ultra swingset (find out what that does yourself :P)
- Spawn coffin dancers
- Rescale player (can be smaller or larger, even negative, also has camera scale options to make the view look normal)
- Rescale player's car (won't affect collision)
- Lock all peds' coordinates in place (patch 8 only)
- Enable/disable drunk cam & automatic vehicle smoke and acceleration at will
- Disable cinematic cutscene camera, letting you walk around while cutscenes are playing
- Teleport to camera, this can be used before disable cutscene camera to teleport to the intro ship for example
- Display vehicle imposters (SuperLOD cars that appear when high above the map) up close
- Display peds, objects, buildings and vehicles' info through walls
- Set all traffic cars to rainbow color
- Remove teleport to surface when you fall below the map
- Unlock 80m/s max speed when ragdoll flying
- Change Episode ID on the fly (radar ammo/health color, APC support, menu style)
- Kill/Explode all peds/cars around you
- Teleport all peds/cars/buildings to you
- Explosive Bullets with changeable explosion type
- Add a blip for every ped and car on the map
- Unlock all entities' 80m/s max speed (including the swingset which seems to completely fly away sometimes with this on)
- Bowling in Multiplayer with all 8 lanes supported
- Dancing in Multiplayer (TBoGT)
- Free Camera with a teleport to camera option and cutscene support (if Global Camera Override is enabled)
- Make all traffic cars spin
- Give yourself any weapon, including episodic weapons and unused ones (e.g. unused0, fthrower, armour, camera)
- Remove all weapons
- Pick any clothing model and texture available for your ped
- Pick any prop model and texture(!) available for your ped (hats, glasses, wrist items, etc.)
- Access the MP Player Model menu while in-game
- Apply your Multiplayer model at any time
- Save/load up to 256 outfits
Time & Weather
- Set time to any hour and minute (including negative)
- Change timescale
- Set weather to any weather including unused ones and undefined ones (with interesting results as they're likely read from random memory)
- Set colors without changing time
- Freeze time & weather
Trainer Options
- Move the trainer anywhere on screen
- Change speed of middle mouse fly, slide run and airbreak
- Toggle keybinds
- Toggle Middle Mouse Fly
- Enable mouse cursor to interact with menu
- Disable controls while in menu
- Toggle drawing of underscores in menu
- Save current state of trainer settings to .ini
Object Spawning
- Spawn any object, including addon ones with manual input
- Cunning Stunts IV object support (stunt track parts are the first objects in the list if the mod's installed)
- Change spawned objects' coordinates (absolute or relative to their rotation) (Use Update Collision afterwards)
- Set spawned object on ground properly
- Change & reset spawned objects' rotation (Pitch, Yaw & Roll)
- Mark spawned object as no longer needed (will despawn after a while)
- Set spawned object as dynamic (for physics objects and destructible objects)
- Set spawned object as pickable (can pick up with E, needs to be set as dynamic first)
- Set spawned object as invisible
- Set spawned object as damageable or undamageable
- Set spawned object as solid or non-solid
- Clone spawned object
- Change spawned object's model but keep coordinates and rotation
- Attach selected object to player (with attach bone changeable), player's car, or another spawned object, with customizable attach offset
- Teleport to selected object
- Delete all spawned objects
- Move spawned object with camera
- Save all spawned objects to an .ini (fully compatible with Simple Native Trainer's .ini format)
- Load spawned objects from an .ini (compatible with Simple Native Trainer objects.ini)
- Load spawned objects, cars & peds from a Menyoo V .xml file (can be used for Cunning Stunts tracks)
- Play any animation, including addon ones with manual input
- Set animations to loop, disable player movement, stop on the last frame and keep the new position (e.g. for run anim)
- Instantly stop all animations playing
- Play any speech, with manual input support
- Set player's voice, with manual input support
SCO Loader
- Load any .sco file (e.g. computermain to open a PC, roman1 to start The Cousins Bellic), including custom ones e.g. other mod menus
- Stop any currently running .sco file, including ones that the game started
- Object Spooner with a freecam similar to Menyoo
- Call any native with any parameters
- Check any loaded .gxt entry's string
- Play any cutscene from IV and episodes, including custom ones with manual input
- Play audio streams (e.g. strip club dance music, TBoGT finale jump music, busker loop)
Ped Recording
- Record and play back your player's movement 1:1
- Record up to 128 peds and play them at the same time
- Linear interpolation support if you recorded at a low FPS and played it back with a higher FPS
- Save/load recordings from an .ini
Car Recording
- Record and play back your car's movement 1:1
- Record up to 128 cars and play them at the same time
- Linear interpolation support if you recorded at a low FPS and played it back with a higher FPS
- Save/load recordings from an .ini
- Set checkpoints while recording and rewind back to them to re-record if you made a mistake
Memory Editing
- V style instant fall ragdoll after jumping off ledges
- Apply any texture to any car as livery, bypassing the 4 max livery limit
- Edit explosion data in real time
- Change peds & vehicles model quality
- Change any HUD Color in real time
- Change any Car Color in real time
- Change game options without having to bring up the pause menu, and without the usual restrictions of the pause menu (e.g. negative draw distance or 300 mouse sensitivity)
- Disable fire euphoria ragdoll
- Disable climbing, falling, carjacking, and garage camera angles
- Disable health reticule
- Disable crosshair
- Run with keyboard in SP
- Invert right stick horizontally (patch 8 only)
- Fix Very High shadows FPS
- Change pickups glow scale
- Change ped blood impacts' intensity
- Change radar zoom multiplier
- Change bulletspread amount
- Give weapons actual recoil/aim punch
- Tweak shadow cascade settings
- Edit weapons in real time
- Edit vehicle handing in real time (have to spawn another car to apply)
- Disable "disconnected because your computer was running too slowly" message
- Remove out of map killzone in MP
- Remove spawn protection in MP
- Disable car-to-car contact in MP
- Enable full SP reload animations in MP
- Enable ped blood impacts in MP
- Enable fire euphoria ragdoll in MP
- Enable walking with keyboard in MP
- Enable SP radar (zoom and player blip color) in MP
- Enable cinematic climb, fall and carjack camera angles in MP
- Enable helmets in MP
- Enable SP traffic groups in MP
- Enable FIB & fat cops in MP
- Enable phone animations in MP
- Enable picking up random objects in MP
- Enable police arresting at 1 star in MP
- Enable scenario peds (e.g. prison guards) in MP
- Enable SP activities in MP (pool, darts, hotdog stands)
- Remove 9999 limit for HUD ammo display
- Display every player that has joined the current server and their XUID, Net Source ID, Online ID, current state (2 for joined, 6 for left), color, team, wanted level, max health and max armor
- Enable SP Features (very unstable, should use the above seperate options instead)
- Play the story in co-op mode with save/load support (should use quickstart menu)
- Reload timecyc.dat, fonts.wtd, fonts.dat, buttons_360.wtd, hudcolor.dat and hud.dat while in-game
- Nicknames for other players
- Edit raw player ped and car values (probably incredibly unstable as you could easily change a critical pointer)

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Zolika1351's Trainer REWRITTEN
Zolika1351's Trainer REWRITTEN Zolika1351's Trainer REWRITTEN Zolika1351's Trainer REWRITTEN Zolika1351's Trainer REWRITTEN Zolika1351's Trainer REWRITTEN Zolika1351's Trainer REWRITTEN Zolika1351's Trainer REWRITTEN

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