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Various Fixes

Author: Attramet
Date: 28.06.2022
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Various Fixes is a modification for Grand Theft Auto IV and EFLC, the purpose of which is to fix various kinds of bugs in the game, including leftovers from beta.
If you don't want to read the list of fixes below, you can just watch screenshots of almost all fixes here -

Mod can be installed manually or using an auto-installer.
Current version of the mod - 1.2

Fixes list:
IV fixes
Fixed glass transparency on Hove Beach subway station.
Fixed glass properties in Algonquin apartment.
Fixed glass transparency on Charge Island's boatyard.
Fixed glass properties at a random store in Hove Beach.
Fixed glass transparency on some shops in Alderney.
Restored missing fence that pedestrians lean on in Hove Beach.
Removed trees that pass through railway in Bohan.
Removed broken trees LOD in Bohan.
Removed broken LOD at a couple shops in Alderney.
Removed broken LOD of sunken ships, also fixed their windows.
Fixed missing LOD texture in BOABO.
Fixed bright windows LOD on buildings in Firefly Projects.
Removed broken LOD on basketball field in Algonquin.
Fixed very bright windows on buildings in Firefly Projects.
Fixed bushes on the highway in Algonquin.
Fixed bushes in Firefly Island.
Fixed bushes on piles of junk in Bohan.
Fixed bushes on abandoned bridge in Acter industrial park.
Fixed properties of leaves in City Hall park.
Fixed properties of leaves in Castle Garden City.
Fixed billboard in Beechwood City.
Fixed double billboard in Hove Beach.
Restored Feltzer ad on airport. For some reason, developers hidden it with Contender ad.
Improved billboards quality in Bohan.
Changed Drusilla's interiors windows with the ones on the outside.
Changed beta Drusilla's photo to the final.
Remaked Binco ad to Новинки последней моды.
Fixed ad transparency on the crane in Hove Beach.
Fixed windows transparency at a random building in Northwood.
Fixed grid transparency on construction site in Bohan.
Fixed grid transparency on construction site in Algonquin.
Fixed dividers transparency on the golf club.
Fixed missing grid texture on baseball field in Dukes.
Fixed missing textures for objects such as ventilation, lamps, etc. in airport.
Fixed lights position at the police station in airport, also fixed their texture.
Fixed window texture on warehouse in East Hook. Author of this fix - Philips_27.
Changed beta clothes textures to the final in russian shop.
Changed texture of Brucie's garage door.
Changed window texture above the door to the Playboy's house.
Fixed variability of taxi drivers' faces.
Fixed in-game Ilyena broken hairstyle.
Fixed F_Y_Tourist hairstyle properties.
Fixed M_Y_Platin_02 accessories textures.
Fixed M_O_Janitor shoes texture.
Fixed M_Y_Genstreet_16 shoes texture.
Remaked clothes for pizzeria employees.
Changed beta Tom Goldberg photo to the final.
Fixed drip properties on freeway supports.
Fixed Sprunk ad properties in Rotterdam Hill.
Changed text on Contender ad in Northwood.
Changed inscription Crazy Ivan's to Спиртной Магазин.
Fixed street names on road signs.
Fixed action of giving money to beggars. Author of this fix - novatic.

TLAD fixes
Fixed missing ramp texture.
Fixed missing textures on Cluckin' Bell.
Fixed missing trashcan texture.
Fixed missing texture on random Algonquin building.
Changed beta Jim and Jason photos to the final.

TBoGT fixes
Fixed cutscene golden uzi texture.
Fixed missing textures on Bahama Mamas club.

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Various Fixes
Various Fixes Various Fixes Various Fixes Various Fixes Various Fixes

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