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Dewbauchee Rapid GT Classic

Author: Thundersmacker | Email
Date: 11.11.2017
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A classic grand tourer.


The second and final classic sports car from the Smuggler's Run DLC can now be driven in Liberty City.

As with the Retinue, little changes to the car were made, except for some new V8 Vantage based wire wheels.

Some optional extras are included, included are two different hood styles, two sets of fog lights, removable front bumper ends, and a black plastic front splitter.

UV mapping for liverys has been preserved in the conversion, so any liverys made for the GTA V model will work on this convert.

The interior is colorable on the default model. Unfortunately the liverys will not work along with the colorable interior so there is a separate model for those with a black colored interior and colorable wheels.

Some of the liverys from GTA V are available in two sets, refer to the individual folders for info on which livery is in which set.

As always it has a low file size and proper LOD's.


Original model by Rockstar Games.

Original V PC Files provided by Claude_Lib.

Thanks to DK22Pac for the YFT to DFF Converter

Converted to GTA IV and edited by Thundersmacker.

Other car parts and etc. from GTA IV cars by Rockstar Games.


You can replace any 2-door vehicle with the Rapid GT. Though it would be recommended to add it rather than replace another car.


Due to the way the hood options need to spawn, the other extras will only appear individually and not together. This is an issue with the coding of the extra spawning in GTA IV.

If you want all of the other extras to always appear you'll need to add the "ext_all" flag at the end of the vehicles.ide line.

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Dewbauchee Rapid GT Classic
Dewbauchee Rapid GT Classic Dewbauchee Rapid GT Classic Dewbauchee Rapid GT Classic Dewbauchee Rapid GT Classic Dewbauchee Rapid GT Classic Dewbauchee Rapid GT Classic Dewbauchee Rapid GT Classic

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