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Welcome to my GTAinside userpage! Here you find some information about my live in Los Santos and Liberty City. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact me by a Private Message.


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Action Bodyguards or Enemies V1.0
DSCADX | 23.04.2019 | 6012

Comments: 4

@zenekk You need to check the Native UI version from your scripts folder.
It already happened with me.
Some other mods that i installed in my game, didn't work. I thought being the mod, but checking some other version from the Native UI, i discovered, that i'd need to update the Native UI.
So, i'll leave this link below for you visiting the page of Native UI for GTA V. There are a lot of versions from the library over there, and you can to download them, and see what of them is compatible with the mod.
This mod works with the latest version from the Native UI, and the link below will take you to this newest version.
I hope have been helpful for you, buddy, have a good day!

Action Bodyguards or Enemies V1.0
DSCADX | 12.04.2019 | 6012

Comments: 4

Buddy, why you didn't create a setup file.ini for we chose the menu key to open the same?
Sometimes we need type some model name, or anything else to get it spawned into the game, and if it's name having the letter "T" too, the menu stays opening everytime that we're typing something.
If you're reading to this comment, and have some plans to update that mod on the future, please take my request. And add some other options to the mod, just like: "Spawn By Model Name, and if you can, add some more options of bodyguards, just like: story mode Characters, anyway: Whatever you can, dude.
Thanks alot!

Yacht Deluxe (Add-on)
elcreador | 16.04.2018 | 18234

Comments: 4

@elcreador Please, i'm sorry if i spoke so much!
There's some bugs at the boat: Some doors, and some other parts at the boat, are without collisions.
I hate the Rockstar Fucking Games because of this: They allow us to install mods at the game, but they put limits into the game, and i hate this!
Besides some parts from the boat be without collision, when we're out from boat's cockpit, and the waves does the boat to swing, the player doesn't gets stay stoped at the boat, but he is throwed, sometimes to outside of the boat.
I'm sure that these stuff are bugs that needs be fixed.
But if you do not fixed these bugs yet just because of the fucking limites at the game, so, you could modify some stuff at the gameconfig.xml on the game.
Before install modified gameconfigs on my game, my game was crashed when i was install mods besides the limit.
After install a mod that requires a modified gameconfig.xml, i install new mods at my game, and it doesn't crashed anymore. And i think you could try something just like that with the YachtDeluxe Add-On.
With the modified gameconfig.xml i have at the game, i'm sure, if you'd update the boat today with bug fixes and improvements, the boat would works without none trouble.
Try modify the gameconfig.xml, or to download some modified gameconfig.xml if you done no it yet.
And i'm sure when you do this, you gonna see that you'll go besides the limits with the yacht, and so many other ships you has made to the game.
This is it, my friend. I'm sorry for anything!biggrin

Yacht Deluxe (Add-on)
elcreador | 14.04.2018 | 18234

Comments: 4

Hey man!
So many days i'm wanting come here tell this, but i never did.
But today, i decided come here talk about your mods, and about this mod full of bugs you've created one year ago, and abandoned.
Man, you're creating so many aircraft carriers, domsday submersibles, and where's the fucking update for the Yacht Deluxe Addon?
You're so worryed with these fucking wars ships, and abandoning the good yacht already created for the game. What the fuck's that! What the hell is wrong with this mod, you've abandoned it?
Lets stop to stay launching aircraft carriers, and just another fucking war ships, and lets fucking update these mods, you asshole!
Because at the GTA 5, there's not death, and destructions only.
There's many good things to do at the game too. And what i more like at the game, is the boats, and