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looking for good replacement for vice city !!! 80´s ONLY !!! CARS & WEAPONS !!!
there are still not enough pjc600 replacements imao !
and for some good female models.
San Andreas got a lot but i have noone who can rig them for me into vice characters.

i almost got everything replaced so maybe i can help you with any ideas !
same with handlings if u need help. was able work get work which were totally messed up !
still new in this game since 2 month.
i wont make your handling 100% like u were dreaming of, BUT i will make it WORK if it dosnt worked before !
CARS ONLY !!! i hope so ^^
i also have somewere handling for S.W.A.T. armored law enforcement vehicle when you gonna use it as rhino replace in Vice !!!

San Andreas model converter to Vice would be my best friends :D

and ohh yeah i am bit younger

Age: 37
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Pan Con Mantequilla | 16.10.2019 | 1665

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Nyotengu Sailor Pluto
Pan Con Mantequilla | 16.10.2019 | 1226

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Rihanna HD 4X Resolution Re-Skinned + Original
Indra P/modeeper | 16.10.2019 | 1846

Comments: 35

that face looks very strange...
fetal alcohol syndrome ???

make this cheap dirty whore without shittons of makeup!

that female show clown is only good to shoot at.

Lana Sims 4
alex189 & saldin93, PVO. ElChango | 16.10.2019 | 5214

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i think his problem is he wanted to use this model as player.dff.
if i am not wrong any other ped replacment would work without problems.
i´ll try to confirm if i have more time and get back to vc

one solution could be to create a skin as one bmp.file like other tommy skins inside ViceCity game @ Skins Folder which you can change in options.
but i dont think its easy you need a texture guide for THIS model and not tommys. just my guess

correct me if i am wrong bye

mb he can use it as player2.dff 3 ,4 or any other which dont use skins from the folder.

Sponge Bob – DRUNK & ON DRUGS
DJILE | 16.10.2019 | 1930

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basicly donations supposed to be free & without reward.

i doubt someone enjoy this but ok ^^

btw its not so hard to gave credits.
even less work/text than when you have replied to Jarone.

when i have done retexture on other games i always gave credis even after thoose ppl werent active anymore.

if you steal from a big company why not idc,
but NOT from small people.

dont take it personal its just a randome note
you dont need to answer if you dont want to tongue