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Welcome to my GTAinside userpage! Here you find some information about my live in Los Santos and Liberty City. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact me by a Private Message.


Country: Russian Federation Age: 23
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Kasumi Naked V3
SERGIO_VAN_DYK | 21.06.2019 | 4841

Comments: 2

hhmm ... a at 2 like to fight ...
Stop B O I S...
Anyone is free to carry the Nick you want.
Even if it's alone, it's his decision, because he does it
either adding an Inc. ksks. team. factory. group. etc ...
Surely it was the usual fight ...

Modeeper, the most overrated creator of sexual fantasies.
(I mean the skins directly)

You can not rule out the idea of ​​someone uploading something similar to what they do ...

Excuse me if it's not like that ... But it's the only thing I can think about when I read all that. (More than anything that movement that led to that 1/10)
or maybe the hunger wanted to be the "troll" but the joke was not gone, and finally resort to the profile of the user and make fun of people, acquaintances, photos, etc. (of its content in general)
It's a bit vague of last resort when someone does that ...

and the best of all is that he speaks "inglesñol" (English and Spanish in only 1 comment, ahhahahha)

Man .. I'll tell you directly.
Do not bother to answer me, I will not read it .
(to which I really take the importance of people ... haah)
 and your @SERGIO_VAN_DYK, do not follow the game ...
go "Create" Another skin more for the Sa; It does not matter what they say to you, you continue with your things, wherever you want to go .....

Breast Physics for Woman Walkstyle
Dragonghost88 | 26.05.2019 | 7440

Comments: 2

@frannkielownrg Man. You have some mental problem ...
or something similar?