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Welcome to my GTAinside userpage! Here you find some information about my live in Los Santos and Liberty City. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact me by a Private Message.


Age: 28
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100% PRO Save GAME [2019]
MertBey | 07.03.2019 | 32015

Comments: 4

Criminal Ranking : BOSS

Money : $9999999999999

Health : 250

Armor : 250

Ammo : infinite

Infinite Sprint

Becoming Fireproof

Maximum Armor

Maximum Health

The Borgnine Cab Spawns and My Garage

All Unique , Special , Exotic,Gangs Cars ,Dodo in My Garage

Vehicle Missions

-Paramedic 12/12 ✓

-Firefighter 60/60 ✓

-Vigilante 60/60 ✓

-Taxi Driver 100/100 ✓

Portland Story Missions 22/22 Perfect Complete ✓

Staunton Island Story Missions 27/27 Perfect Complete ✓

Shoreside Vale Story Mission [FINAL] 1/1 Perfect Complete ✓

Pay-Phone Missions 17/17 Perfect Complete ✓

Off-Road Missions 4/4 Perfect Complete ✓

Remote Controlled Vehicle Missions 4/4 Perfect Complete ✓

Import/Export 3/3 Perfect Complete ✓


-Collect 100/100 Hidden Packages ✓

-Complete 20/20 Rampages ✓

-Complete 20/20 Unique Jumps ✓

Non-Required Tasks✓

-Deliver 10/10 Securicars to a lockup at Portland Harbor ✓

-Deliver all crushable vechicles to Car Crusher in the Harwood Junkyard ✓



100% ULTRA SAVE GAME (Key To The City)
MertBey | 25.02.2019 | 63062

Comments: 4

↓↓↓R E A D ME !↓↓↓

-Game %100 Complete
-Money $99999999999
-Missions & Unique All Car in Garages
-No cheats,No Busted,No trainer,No Hospital

My Player Choices

-"First Date" and "Bleed Out" | Roman✓
-"Ivan the Not So Terrible" |Ivan Bytchkov Spare✓
-"Ruff Rider" | Cherise Glover Spare✓
-"Holland Nights" | Clarence Little Spare✓
-"The Holland Play" | Playboy X Kill ! X
-"Late Checkout" | Isaac Roth Kill ! X
-"Blood Brothers" | Derrick McReary Kill ! X
-"That Special Someone" |Darko Brevic Kill ! X
-"One Last Thing" | Dimitri Rascalov Kill !!!!! X

-Combat Pistol | Infinity Ammo ✓
-Combat Shotgun | Infinity Ammo ✓
-SMG | Infinity Ammo ✓
-Carbine Rifle | Infinity Ammo ✓
-Combat Sniper | Infinity Ammo ✓
-Rocket Launcher| Infinity Ammo ✓
-Grenades| Infinity Ammo ✓

All Missions Outfit in Gardrop
-Liberty Sanitation Department Outfit✓
-Hospital Scrubs Outfit✓
-Balaclava ✓
-Albanian Biker Jacket ✓
-"Happiness Is...Land" Sweater ✓
-Claude's Outfit | Playboy X Residence ✓

-Story Missions Perfect Complete 91/91✓

-All Random Character 16/16 Perfect Complete✓

-Little Jacob Drug Deliveries 10/10✓

-Brucie Kibbutz Win All Races 9/9✓

-Brucie Exotic Export 10/10✓

-The Fixer's Assassinations 9/9 Complete✓

-Stevie Car Thefts 30/30 Complete✓

-Brucie Kibbutz - Unlock Special Ability✓

-Little Jacob - Unlock Special Ability✓

-Patrick McReary - Unlock Special Ability✓

-Brucie Kibbutz - Do Each Available Activity Once✓

-Little Jacob - Do Each Available Activity Once✓

-Patrick McReary - Do Each Available Activity Once✓

-Beat a Computer or Friend at Pool Win!✓

-Beat a Computer or Friend at Darts Win!✓

-Beat a Computer or Friend in a FULL GAME of Bowling Win!✓

-Beat The High Score in The QUB3D Arcade Game✓

-King of QUB3D 10,950 Points Earns✓

-All Most Wanted Missions 30/30 Perfect Complete✓

-All Vigilante Missions 20/20 Perfect Complete✓

-Kill All 200/200 Pigeons✓

-Complete All 50/50 Stunt Jumps✓

Other Complete!

-Complete all of the Roman's Taxi Driver missions.✓
-Reach 100% fondness with all five girlfriends.✓
-Do each available activity once with all five girlfriends each.✓
-Unlock all three online girlfriends' special abilities.✓
-Roman Bellic - Unlock special ability.✓
-Dwayne Forge - Unlock special ability.✓
-Roman Bellic - Do each available activity once.✓
-Dwayne Forge - Do each available activity once.✓
-Mark all locations which you can enter on your map✓
-Buy all Telephone stuff from (MP3, SFX and Themes).✓
-Add ZiT! as a phone contact.✓
-Purchase all clothing.✓
-Collect the "Happiness Is...Land" Sweater.✓
-Visit all websites.✓
-Purchase all weapons.✓
-Use a Car Wash.✓
-Watch all television programs.✓
-Collect all GTA IV Achievement/Trophies.✓


The Key To Liberty City will be Sent Home.


Mert Karaağaçlıoğlu

100% Professionel Perfect SaveGame
MertBey | 22.02.2019 | 32875

Comments: 4

Story Missions

All Story Missions %100 Perfect Complete ✔



1-Denise %100 Progress Perfect Complete ✔
2-Helena %100 Progress Perfect Complete ✔
3-Michelle %100 Progress Perfect Complete ✔
4-Katie %100 Progress Perfect Complete ✔
5-Barbara %100 Progress Perfect Complete ✔
6-Millie %100 Progress Perfect Complete ✔

All 6/6 Girlfriends Perfect Complete ✔

Unique Cars My Garage

-Truth Mothership (ALLPROOF)
-Andromada (ALLPROOF)


Criminal Rating: King Of Sanandreas !
Money: $639246977 (halal gain:)
Stamina : Maximum✔
Healty : Maximum✔
Armor : Maximum✔
Muscles : Maximum✔
Lung Capacity : Maximum✔
Respect : Maximum✔
Sex Appeal : Maximum✔
Gambling Skills : Maximum✔
All Gang Territory Control: Maximum✔

My Weapons Collector (SPECIAL)

Hand : Brass knuckles

Melee : Katana

Pistols : Desert Eagle

Shotguns :Combat shotgun

Machine Guns : Micro SMG

Assault Rifles : M4

Rifles : Sniper Rifle

Heavy artillery : Minigun

Thrown Weapons : Tear Gas Grenade

Handheld items : Camera

Gifts : Purple Dildo

Apparel items : Thermal Goggles




-All Clothes Buying Gardrop

-%100 Full Respect and Sex Appeal Clothing Combine
Didier Sachs;
Torso: Tuxedo
Legs: Tuxedo Pants
Shoes: Black Shoes
Chains: Cross Chain
Watches: Gold Crowex
Shades: Black Rim
Hats:Black Boater

-%100 Full Respect and Sex Appeal Hair Style
Blonde Cornrow

-%100 Full Respect and Sex Appeal Tattos Combine
Upper left arm: Spider
Lower left arm: Gun
Upper right arm: Africa
Lower right arm: Mary
Back (upper) : Kaleşnikof Gun
Left chest: Crown
Right chest: O.G.
Stomach: God's Gift
Lower back: Mask

%100 Max Sexappeal And Respect !


Tags Sprey 100/100 Perfect Complete ✔

Snapshots 50/50 Perfect Complete ✔

Horseshoes 50/50 Perfect Complete ✔

Oysters 50/50 Perfect Complete ✔

Asset Missions

Valet Parking 5/5 Perfect Complete ✔

Trucker Missions 8/8 Perfect Complete ✔

Quarry 7/7 Perfect Complete ✔

Zero's RC Shop All Mission Perfect Complete ✔
Wang Cars All Mission Perfect Complete ✔

Stadium Missions

8-Track (LS) Perfect Complete ✔

Blood Ring (SF) Perfect Complete ✔

Dirt Track (LV) Perfect Complete ✔

Kickstart (LV) Perfect Complete ✔


Paramedic Missions 12/12 Perfect Complete ✔

Firefighter Missions 12/12 Perfect Complete ✔

Vigilante Missions 12/12 Perfect Complete ✔

Taxi Driver Missions 50/50 Perfect Complete ✔

Pimping Missions 10/10 Perfect Complete ✔

Robbery Missions $10.000/$10.000 Perfect Complete ✔

Freight Missions 2/2 Perfect Complete ✔

Hidden Challenges

BMX (LS) Perfect Complete ✔

NRG-500 (SF) Perfect Complete ✔

Courier Missions

Los Santos - Roboi's Food Mart 4/4 Perfect Complete ✔

San Fierro - Hippy Shopper 4/4 Perfect Complete ✔

Las Venturas - Burger Shot 4/4 Perfect Complete ✔

Chiliad Challenges

Challenge 1: Scotch Bonnet Route Perfect Complete ✔

Challenge 2: Birdseye Winder Route Perfect Complete ✔

Challenge 3: Cobra Run Perfect Complete ✔

Street Races

All Street Races Perfect Complete ✔

Ammu-Nation Gun Range

Ammu-Nation Gun Challenge Perfect Complete!(All Weapons Skill HİTMAN)

Gym Fighting

All City [LS-SF-LV] Gym Fighting Perfect Complete ✔

Import / Export

List1 Perfect Complete ✔
List2 Perfect Complete ✔
List3 Perfect Complete ✔


Driving School Perfect Complete ? (GOLD MEDAL)

Flying School Perfect Complete ? (GOLD MEDAL)

Bike School Perfect Complete ? (GOLD MEDAL)

Boat School Perfect Complete ? (GOLD MEDAL)

Safe Houses

All Buying Safe Houses Complete 29/29 ✔

Non-Required Tasks [It Is Made!]

Unique Stunt Jumps

All 70/70 Perfect Complete ✔

Lowrider Challenge

1. Win Record ! Perfect Complete ✔

Beat the Cock!

Beat the Cock! 2/2 | 1. Win ! Perfect Complete ✔

Big Smoke's Cash

Loco Syndicate Drug Courier Perfect Complete ✔

Yay Courier

Loco Syndicate Drug Courier Perfect Complete ✔

Dance Mission

10.000 Point Reward Perfect Complete ✔

Prostitute Mission

2/2 Prostitute Cars F*cking Perfect Complete ✔

Beefy Baron Minigame

Perfect Complete ✔

ALL Arcade MiniGames

[Go Go Space Monkey, Let's Get Ready to Bumble, Duality and They Crawled from Uranus]

ALL High Scores Perfect Complete ✔

Pool Game

Winning Max 1 pot , 1000$ Perfect Complete ✔

Basketball Challenge

High Score Perfect Complete ✔

Criminal Rating

King of San Andreas ✔

All Gang Territories Under Control

%100 Control ✔

Gambling Minigame

ALL Gambling Minigame Winning ! Perfect Complete ✔

(Inside Track, Wheel of Fortune, Roulette, Blackjack, Video Poker, Slot Machines)

100% Mega SaveGame ! 2019
MertBey | 15.02.2019 | 69366

Comments: 4


-Percentage Complete %100
-Money $9999999999
-Special & Unique All Car in Garages.
-Criminal Rating 'GodFather'
-Media Attention Ratings 'Stuff of Legends'
-Flight Record Ratings 'Ace'
-No Cheat , No Busted , No hospital !


-Brass Knuckles ✓
-Katana ✓
-Tear Gas | Infinity Ammo ✓
-Python | Infinity Ammo ✓
-Stubby Shotgun | Infinity Ammo ✓
-MP5 | Infinity Ammo ✓
-M4 | Infinity Ammo ✓
-PSG1-Laser | Infinity Ammo ✓
-M60 | Infinity Ammo ✓
-Teargas | Infinity Ammo ✓
-Photo Camera | Infinity Ammo ✓

Story Missions 22/22 Perfect Complete ✓

Gang Missions 35/35 Perfect Complete ✓

Street Races 6/6 Perfect Complete ✓

Stadium Missions 3/3 Perfect Complete ✓

Sparrow Missions 4/4 Perfect Complete ✓

Off-Road Missions 4/4 Perfect Complete ✓

Remote controlled vehicle missions 3/3 Perfect Complete ✓

Rifle Range (Earn at least 45 points) Perfect Complete ✓

Vehicle Missions

-Pizza Boy (Complete Level 10)✓(Max Health)
-Paramedic (Complete Level 12)✓(Infinite Sprint)
-Firefighter (Complete Level 12)✓(Fireproof)
-Vigilante (Complete Level 12)✓(Max Armor)
-Taxi Driver (Complete Total 100 Fares)✓(Jump Taxi)


-Collect 100/100 Hidden Packages.✓
-Complete 35/35 Rampages.✓
-Complete 36/36 Unique Jumps.✓
-Buy all safehouses 15/15.✓
-Rob all 15/15 stores.✓
-All Outfit 12/12. ✓


When 100% is achieved in the game, the following rewards are given:

-200 maximum Health
-200 maximum Body Armor
-Replenishing ammunition for all weapons[note 3]
-The ability to recruit three bodyguards at the Vercetti Estate for $2000 each
-The "Frankie" outfit inside the Vercetti Estate
-Double vehicle strength for any vehicle Tommy Vercetti drives