GTA Vice City: Weapons

Red Lightsaber

Author: Razor666 Jarone DevNoBat =SpitFire=
Date: 29.11.2020
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Mod replaces the katana with a lightsaber from the movie "Star Wars", a red lightsaber blade like Darth Vader himself, he has his own sounds and a trail of light during his movement. While killing people, evil laughter or Kenshiro's phrase (in Japanese) "You are already dead" (OMAE WA MOU SHINDEIRU) will be heard. You can buy it in the "Dark Side" store in the shopping center (there is new background music) or take it for free from a nearby cafe (if it has not been destroyed yet). The Vercetti gang is also armed with red lightsabers. New cursor and menu background. Added a blue lightsaber variant. Also there are other color options: invisible, green, yellow, pink, brown, black, white, gray, rainbow (but there is no trail of light for them). Installation: Using the gta3audio program, replace the sounds sfx00171.wav, sfx00172.wav, sfx00173.wav and sfx00324.wav in the sfx.SDT file. Replace files MallAmb.mp3 in the audio folder. Files katana.txd, katana.dff and mall_ammu.txd replace in gta3.img Replace the fronten1.txd file in the models folder. Add the files LaserSaber.cs (trail of light) and VercettyLaserSabers.cs (lightsaber of the Vercetti gang) to the CLEO folder. Attention!!! The LaserSaber.cs script requires version 1.0 of the game (otherwise the game will freeze when swinging the lightsaber). Added 1.0 version of the game.

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Red Lightsaber
Red Lightsaber Red Lightsaber Red Lightsaber Red Lightsaber Red Lightsaber Red Lightsaber Red Lightsaber

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