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Fried Tommy Skin

Author: kyloz
Date: 09.07.2021
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This is the Fried Tommy Skin. This skin is mostly made from official Rockstar skin assets.

How I came about making this skin:

I got inspired by the movie "Fried Barry" to make this skin. I won't spoil the movie for you, but if you want to know what it's about you can either watch it yourself or you can read what it's about on the movies Wikipedia page.

After Tommy Vercetti raided a drug den and killed everyone in sight, he overdosed on the drug stash while his clothes were covered in blood. During the raid Tommy suffered a blow to the head and a blow to the wrist and nose. His gold chain broke from this raid. Tommy called an ambulance before passing out, waking in an hospital days later.

Doctors managed to save Tommy from death of an overdose just in time, but unfortunately his clothes were too blood soaked and damaged to be cleaned, so the hospital provided him with plain white clothes, as well as putting a bandage on his head and wrist, and a small band aid on his nose.

However during the time he was passed out, some surviving members of the drug den that Tommy didn't see was waiting for Tommy. They had a bad batch of drugs that they were going to dispose of, but their plan was to give
the bad drugs to Tommy so they ensure his death by overdosing him again, and if that failed they would finish Tommy off themselves.

The remaining members had the drugs delivered anonymously to the hospital. Upon Tommy's discharge from the hospital at night, he opened the package to see what it was, and decided to "try" some to see how it was. He
had a bad trip, and the remaining members closed in on Tommy to ensure his death.

At that moment, pink/blue lightning struck each remaining member of the drug den, disintegrating them to ash. The lightning bolts came from a UFO directly above Tommy. While Tommy was overdosing on the ground, foaming from the mouth, a beam of light halted his convulsions as he was lifted and abducted by the UFO.

The aliens on board were vile creatures, horrible green skin with elongated heads and pure red eyes, as evil as their intentions towards humans as a species. An alien possessed Tommy's body inside the ship, and was beamed back down to Earth, only for the alien to instantly suffer the effects of the bad trip adrenaline rush of bad drugs coarsing through Tommy's veins.

And YOU continue the story as an alien who has possessed Tommy in a permanent adrenaline rush mode with an undying hate towards other humans. Let the carnage commence to complete the aliens mission to eradicate humans, as a drugged, possessed, Fried Tommy.

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Fried Tommy Skin
Fried Tommy Skin Fried Tommy Skin Fried Tommy Skin

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