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VCS Diaz, Gonzales & Diaz Gang Skin Pack

Author: Cleoude
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Date: 28.06.2021
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VCS Diaz, Gonzales & Diaz Gang Skin Pack by Cleoude

Diaz, Gonzales & Diaz Gang Models in the vcs have been converted for Cutscenes and Gameplay.
Skins are perfectly suited for the cutscenes. The mouth never looks so awkward.
Also added Artwork ones, Alternatives and Vice City Appearances
Enhanced skins are available. (Only For Diaz and IG Diaz Gang Skins)
Also CS TO IG and CSFaces versions of Gameplay Skins were made.
CS TO IG = Cutscene Character converted to gameplay.
CSFACES = Cutscene head added to ingame character.

VCS Diaz
VC Artwork Diaz
VC Artwork Diaz (10th Anniversary)
VC Styled Diaz
VCS Artwork Diaz (W/ Holster)
VCS Gonzales
VCS Artwork Gonzales
VC Styled Gonzales
VCS Diaz Goons
VCS Alternative Diaz Goons
VC Styled Goons
VC Cutscene Styled Goons

Cleoude - Skins, texture enhancements

How to Install:
You can import the skins you want to gta3.img or you can put them in an empty folder in modloader(recommend). Before that, there are variations inside Folders.

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VCS Diaz, Gonzales & Diaz Gang Skin Pack

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