GTA:VC: Skins

Beta & Artwork Characters Part2

Author: Cleoude, Forever L, GroveStGTAV, Vagalume, SuXei999
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Date: 25.01.2021
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Cleoude - Project Owner, Skins, Textures, Upscaled Textures for Tommy, Converting CS to IG.
Vagalume - Upscaled textures
GroveStGTAV - Twins Texture
Forever L - Xbox Hands (Old version, I'll update when Next version released)
SuXei999 - Improvements For XBox Hands

Our Discord server has been opened. You can join from the link below:

Guys, I have a request from you. The society has decreased recently. I ask you to interact on the channel. The more interaction there is, the more mods I will want to make. Like, comment, share and recommend the channel to your friends.

You can tell me requests for this project, Also you can Support me on Patreon for more updates.

This project aims to create Artwork and beta characters. Most characters have xbox hands. Because original hands are not preferred. Thanks to Forever L for permission. In addition, custom outfits have been added for Tommy.

Artwork Cam
Artwork Hilary
Artwork Ken
10th Anniversary Artwork Ken
Ken Drawing
Artwork Kent
Artwork Lance
Loadscreen Artwork Lance
Vcs Artwork Lance
Artwork & Remake Mercedes
Artwork Phil
Vcs Artwork Phil
Artwork Diaz
10th Anniversary Artwork Diaz
Vcs Artwork Diaz
Vcs Diaz
Artwork Sonny
Artwork Suit Tommy
Beta Appearance Tommy
All Tommy Outfits with Glasses
Beta Leftover Mr.Vercetti Suit
Recolored Mr. Vercetti Suit
Mafia Suit
Tony Cipriani Suit
Tony Montana Suit
Vcs Styled Vic
Vcs Vic
Vic's Clothes (Casual & Beta Casual)

How to install:
It is enough to add the character views you want to use to the modloader folder using gta3.img or modloader.

Thanks For Downloading

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Beta & Artwork Characters Part2
Beta & Artwork Characters Part2 Beta & Artwork Characters Part2 Beta & Artwork Characters Part2 Beta & Artwork Characters Part2 Beta & Artwork Characters Part2 Beta & Artwork Characters Part2 Beta & Artwork Characters Part2

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