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Vaporwave Skin

Author: kyloz
Date: 29.09.2019
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This is just a simple skin which give a Vaporwave aesthetic to Tommy. I have recently been listening to Vaporwave and Synthwave music, and really needed a skin for it, but I couldn't find one (or even a bad one) anywhere, so I put one together.

This skin is actually a combination of multiple official Rockstar skins. The jeans and arms are from the BETA Tommy skin, the head/hair is from the official "Wild" skin from the Japanese/iOS/Android versions of Vice City, combined with some hair streaks from colonel.txd from the actual files of the game. The shirt is actually a combination of the "Wild" skin shirt, the BETA Tommy shirt, and the default Tommy shirt. I also removed all jewelry, just a personal preference.

So, this skin is as official "looking" as a Vaporwave skin is going to get. I could have added glasses but I'd rather the glasses actually have a 3D model on Tommy instead of just being applied as part of the skin. I am not good with 3D modelling at all, so I chose not to add any glasses.

I found that this skin looks better with Vice City Trails enabled and also a VHS ENB Reshade mod. These are separate mods which can easily be found with a Google search. I personally took screenshots with only the Trails enabled, since the ENB causes my game to lag to the point where it's unbearable to play. Limitations of not having Nvidia, I suppose.

Anyways, enjoy, vaporwave/synthwave fans.

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Vaporwave Skin
Vaporwave Skin Vaporwave Skin Vaporwave Skin Vaporwave Skin Vaporwave Skin Vaporwave Skin Vaporwave Skin

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