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Robocop Сoming

Author: ElChango Cyrax DevNoBat
Date: 04.08.2019
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Filesize: 45.471 MB

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This mod will replace Tommy Versetti in standard clothes (Hawaiian shirt and denim pants) in Robocop. In addition, he has sound design in the form of the operation of servos during the movement of body his arms and legs, when a bullet hits his body, a metal ringing in an armor will appear, and if he gets into the water (sea), he will have a short circuit.

Installing Robocop: Replace files (taken from in gta3.img) CSplay.txd, CSplay.dff, player.txd, player.dff in the gta3.img file Remove the player.bmp file from the "generic" folder. Next, copy (take from in audio) to the audio folder files audext.exe, audext.dpr, audimp.exe, audimp.dpr, click on audext.exe, wait until the pop-up window disappears (after unpacking the files), then agree to replace the copy sounds sfx00042. wav- sfx00523.wav click on audimp.exe to wait until the pop-up window disappears (after packing the files). Also replace the files Hotel.mp3, Malibu.mp3, Strip.mp3, miscom.mp3. Take files from the folders "replace in models", "replace in movies", "replace in txd" and replace in the right places in the folders of your game. Do not forget!!! make copies of replaceable files if you want to return the game to its original state.

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Robocop Сoming
Robocop Сoming Robocop Сoming Robocop Сoming

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