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Barcelona Pack

Author: SPAROW.
Date: 25.08.2018
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Hello Guys And Al Salam O Alaykoum :D ! How Are You Guys I Hope You Are Fine :D By The Way, Eid Mubarak Guys ! :D
Note: It's 1 mb bcuz the picture size is 850 KB. xd
==================== How To Install =======================
First: let's start with the a simple thing. Barcelona Ball. simply replace " beachball.txd " to " gta3.img " . use ImgTool Or ImgPro

Second: Barcelona Bus. replace " coach.txd " and " coach.dff " to " gta3.img " in your game folder then " models " use ImgTool Or ImgPro

Third: Tommy Skin. simply replace " player.txd " and " player.dff " to " gta3.img " use ImgTool Or ImgPro

Forth: Messi Skin. replace " player.txd " and " player.dff " to " gta3.img " use ImgTool Or ImgPro
Note: If You Wanna Play With Tommy And Messi Skins In The Same Time You Can Change One Of The Names.
Example: Messi Skin Will Be player.txd and player.dff But Tommy Skin Will Be player2.txd or player2.dff I Hope You Got It :D
Bye Guys :D Cya Later In New Mod ! :D

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Barcelona Pack

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