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Alan Walker Skin

Author: SPAROW. | Email
Date: 18.07.2018
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Hello Guys And Al Salam O Alaykoum! How Are You Guys ! i hope u are fine :D
This is my new skin for gta vc. i was away for while but i hope i'll come back with new good mods that u guys will like :D.
I know that this skin is not good :C i know it's bad and a lot may say that. i respect ur votes. and ty :D
I got this idea bcuz no one made any skin for ALAN WALKER in GTA VC before. so i decide to be the first one.
=================== HOW TO INSTALL ================
Very Simple. Replace " player.txd " and " player.dff " in " gta.img " use img tool or img pro what ever u perfer.
u can add the 2 skins in same time. by making the Second skin name " player2.txd " and " player2.dff " or player3 etc
And i wanna say thx again for downloading this mod guys :D hope u will enjoy it. Bye :D
Note: if u wanna meet me in VC-MP my name is [EK]SPAROW^ I am playing in VKs Offical Server. it's best server in my look.
Or Contact me on Facebook. Omar Sparow.
Bye :D

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Alan Walker Skin

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