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GTA Re:LCS Beta 4.0 All Staunton Missions Savegame

Author: Random Modder | Email
Date: 17.10.2019
Downloads: 1866 | Statistics
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no cheats I only used the mini vc console to use beta vehicles from gta lcs they are like tricks but I don't think it affects the game
Recommended for special vehicles
side missions only some like 2 or 3 massacres completed
collectibles 5 o 6 of 100 maybe
all staunton story missions completed except shoreside vale
No missions from the third island? you have to be patient for the next update, there is usually once a year

this mod is not mine what I found thanks to a youtuber "Ryadica Cahya" who turned the gta vc into gta lcs impossible but great link video

requires this mod GTA Re: LCS Beta 4 Build 926 name "GTA Re: Liberty City Stories Beta 4.0"
"A little bit of update: !IMPORTANT!"

the other versions will no longer be compatible with this saved game


move the "GTA Liberty City Stories User Files" folder to my document folder

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GTA Re:LCS Beta 4.0 All Staunton Missions Savegame

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