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Vice City 100% Save Game

Author: Ivelin | Email
Date: 01.05.2018
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My 100% Save Game for GTA Vice City ! In this savegame I have not used any mods or cheats. I have done the following main and side missions required for 100% completion:

All Mission Done (From In the beginning to Keep your friends close).
All Gang Missions Completed (For Umberto Robina and Auntie Poulet).
All Love Fist and Mitch Baker missions completed.
All Purchasable asset missions done: InterGlobal Studios, Malibu Club, The Pole Position Club, Kaufman Cabs, Print Works, Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory, Boatyard, Sunshine Autos (All 4 lists).
All non purchasable asset missions done: Vercetti Estate, Phil Cassidy.
All Races completed on 1st place.
All 5 Payphone missions completed: Road Kill, Waste the Wife, Autocide, Check out at the check in, Loose Ends.
Hyman Memorial stadium events completed: Hotring, Bloodring, Dirtring.
The 4 Chopper Checkpoint missions completed.
All 4 Off-Road missions passed: PCJ Playground, Cone Crazy, Trial by dirt, Test Track.
RC toys missions completed.
Vehicle missions completed: Paramedic Level 12, Firefighter Level 12, Vigilante Level 12, Pizza Boy Level 10, Taxi Driver 100 fares (In a row).
Miscellaneous tasks completed: Rifle Range (45 points), 100 Hidden Packages, 35 Rampages, 36 Unique Stunt Jumps, All safehouses purchased, 15 stores robbed.

Rewards: Everything Proof Admiral parked in one of the garages !

I promised this savegame months ago and I am finally uploading it, I hope you enjoy this savegame and have fun. If you want you can donate with Paypal. I have another VC savegame with a lot of side missions done before the first main mission, if you want me to upload it leave a comment !

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Vice City 100% Save Game
Vice City 100% Save Game Vice City 100% Save Game Vice City 100% Save Game Vice City 100% Save Game

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