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Improved/Fixed Animations

Author: QJA
Date: 15.06.2021
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Every time when i play Vice City i always notice that the animations in this game are kinda buggy and broken, with this mod i tried my best to improve and fixing some animations...

The list is ALOT But i'll try my best to add some of the changes in this Description:

1- Some PS2 Animations like flipping the bird, idling with a big weapon (Like the M4) idling with a minigun or chainsaw have been added to this mod.
2- Some GTA San Andreas animations have been added like the woman idling, the "player is jumping on a convertible car animation" and the sunbathing animations.
3- The fall and death animations in this game have a weird positioning and angels.. for example the hands are clipping through the ground like the animation "KO_skid_back" and some fall animations like the animation "BIKE_fallR" the player is floating, with this mod i corrected the weird positioning and the rotations...
4- Everytime when you shoot an NPC right in the stomach it display the animation "KO_shot_stom" but in my opinion this animtaion is blocky and intersting to say at least. So i used the GTA3 "KO_shot_stom" animation instead...
5- When you sit in a low car (Like the Infernus, Banshee, Cheetah, Deluxo etc..) and driveby in the right side the animation is buggy, the left hand (where it should be on the steering wheel) will clip inside the left leg, with this mod i've fixed that. Now the left hand will be on the steering wheel...
6- The animation "CAR_Lsit" "CAR_sitpLO" "DrivebyL_L" "DrivebyL_R" "Drive_LO_l" "Drive_LO_R" "CAR_LB" have been improved...
7- That buggy animtaion "CAR_jackedLHS" have been fixed...
8- That buggy animation "run_fatold" have been rplaced with the one from GTA San Andreas...
9- That buggy animation "FIGHTrndhse" have been rplaced with the one from GTA San Andreas...
10- Alot of polishing and imporvement on some animations...


1- Just place the "ped.ifp" file in your anim folder.
2- Open gta3.img and the replace the older animation with the new one.

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Improved/Fixed Animations
Improved/Fixed Animations

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