Intro Cutscenes Fix

Author: Cleoude
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Date: 19.03.2021
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00:00​ - 01:37​ Intro Cutscenes Fix
01:38​ - 02:28​ Attention to Detail
02:29​ - 04:08​ Comparison

We know that there are mistakes in many cutscenes in the Rockstar games gta series. I thought of fixing this and did it (on cutscene camera mistakes). I think I made enough corrections even though I could not get definite results from some of these scenes. Now let me list what has been fixed.

Airport Scene:
Fixed Ken's Eyes.
Fixed Goons carrying briefcases, Added new briefcases from leftovers fix.

Deal Scene:
Fixed Harry being dragged behind the car and back into the car at the beginning of the scene.
Fixed Vic Vance not in chopper.
Fixed Ken's Eyes.
Fixed Ken's holding the steering wheel.
Added of Vic's get off from Chopper. Helicopter Door added.
Lance's eyes Added.
Fixed Vic carrying Dealcases and Added new dealcases from leftovers fix.
Fixed the admiral door closing by itself in the scene of Tommy and the goons after getting out of the vehicle.
fixed the admiral wheels in the ground
Fixed assassins freezing after covered behind of boxes.
The weapons carried by the assassins have been corrected according to the audio file.
Vic's facial animations have been fixed. (New version)
The animation of Harry opening and closing the briefcase has been fixed.
Added muzzleflash to mp5k when assassin shoots.
The sound file has been modified. (Mp5k Weapon sound added)
Blood was added to the Ambush scene.
Fixed Tommy's Mouth not moving when saying oh shit.
Fixed arm going through Tommy's leg while Harry fell to the ground.
In the scene where Tommy escapes the assassins, Surprised expression added to Tommy.
Fixed Tommy jumping into the vehicle.
Ken's horror yell was added while in ambush, but is invisible as she was not shown on scene.
Fixed Tommy not being in the vehicle in the last scene.

Cleoude - Cutscene Fixes
Leftovers Fix - Briefcases & Dealcases

How to install:
put the cleo folder where the game is installed. (Cleo needed)
Replace the files of cuts.img into anim/cuts.img with any img program for vice city.
Replace the files of gta3.img into models/gta3.img with any img program for vice city. You can also use the modloader.
Optionally, you can change the modified audio file.

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Intro Cutscenes Fix
Intro Cutscenes Fix Intro Cutscenes Fix Intro Cutscenes Fix Intro Cutscenes Fix Intro Cutscenes Fix Intro Cutscenes Fix Intro Cutscenes Fix

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