Vice City Multiplayer 0.1b

Author: SA-MP Team
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Date: 04.09.2005
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Knapp drei Wochen nach der ersten Version legt das Team nach und beschert uns Version 0.1b, die folgende Änderungen enthält:

0.1b New Features:
> Web-based server list showing available servers and the number of players currently on the server.
> Support for the vcmp:// protocol handler.
> An RCON utility to allow server admins to easily administer their server.
> A ShowOnRadar ini option allows gamemode programmers to decide whether or not players should be shown on the radar.
> Vehicles will automatically respawn after not being driven for a certain period of time.
> Improved aiming and onfoot player syncing.
> Nametags now render correctly with the world geometry.

0.1b Bug Fixes:
> Deathmatch games now count scores correctly and don't issue team deaths
> Fixed ammo allocation issue when slot 0 is non-melee type
> Class line Z rotation is now used
> Players cannot inject color codes into their nicks
> Players cannot exit world bounds
> Fixed Z plane syncing issue which caused some vehicles to jitter

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