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Submarine Kraken +Bazooka +Repainting +Fly +Bomb +First person view

Author: Muhammad Gibran DimZet DevNoBat =SpitFire= daniel 360 gtafan2u GeniusZ GTV_5000
Date: 03.11.2019
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The submarine Kraken from GTA 5 replaces the Dinghy. Cons: It does not have engine screws spinning it cannot sink into the water and float out of the water. Updated new water, fire, smoke, blood, shadows, and more.
Update: Now the cannon (bazooka) in the submarine can fire like a tank. Now she has a new shot sound (with echo effect). Code On / Off : "сhelyabinsk" (without quotes). Date: 11.11.2019.
Update 2: Now you can change the color of the submarine (and the car) on the go. (By default, it will have a bright green color which will not be available in repainting). Key 5 change the primary color, Key 4 complementary color.
Date: 13.11.2019.
A version with a collision has been added; now water does not get inside the boat cabin (since it has become higher than the water level). But there are difficulties in sailing out from the parking lot of a wooden pier for water modes of transport (you must press the W button more times). Date: 14.11.2019.
Update 3: Now the submarine (as well as the ordinary ones) can fly like an airplane. Code On/Off: "airship" (without quotes). Requires english version v1.0 of the game. Date: 16.11.2019.
Update 4: Added the ability to see from the first person. To do this, use the camera angle switch key by default, this is the "V" key. This is done by calling the settings menu Enable and Disable it by pressing the key combination "Alt" + "B". Requires English version of the game v1.0 Added the ability to install (drop) a bomb from a submarine (you can also do this from ordinary boats of aircraft and helicopters), they explode powerfully when approaching vehicles including yours. Management: Key "1" (not num) reset the bomb A second press of the key "1" (not num) to detonate the bomb remotely. The removal of the bomb occurs either by exiting the vehicle or by pressing the "2" (not num) key. Date: 18.11.2019.
Update 5: Added the sound of operating equipment inside the submarine. Date : 21.11.2019.
P.S. As the forces and finding new material, the submarine will improve.

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Submarine Kraken +Bazooka +Repainting +Fly +Bomb +First person view
Submarine Kraken +Bazooka +Repainting +Fly +Bomb +First person view Submarine Kraken +Bazooka +Repainting +Fly +Bomb +First person view Submarine Kraken +Bazooka +Repainting +Fly +Bomb +First person view Submarine Kraken +Bazooka +Repainting +Fly +Bomb +First person view Submarine Kraken +Bazooka +Repainting +Fly +Bomb +First person view Submarine Kraken +Bazooka +Repainting +Fly +Bomb +First person view Submarine Kraken +Bazooka +Repainting +Fly +Bomb +First person view

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