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[REL]IMI Negev NG-7 + With Stanag magazine

Author: VindiCaToR
Date: 09.02.2016
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The Negev is a gas-operated selective fire firearm that uses propellant gases from the barrel to cycle a short-stroke gas piston operating system under the barrel and a rotary bolt locking mechanism. IMI negev is a 5.56 mm and 7.62 mm Light Machine Gun (LMG)
Developed by Israeli Military Industries (IMI)
As a replacement for Galil ARM LMG, the negev is now standard issue of Israeli Defense Force (IDF) The Negev feeds from an M27 disintegrating, open-link ammunition belt, carried in a 150-round fabric container that clips into the magazine and on this version it includes the one with NATO Stanag magazine.
I was planning to do negev sound mod aswell but seems like its bugged in-game.
@Dr.Hax The file you gave me is just the model lol, it has no texture file xD so i remade the one from CS:GO.
Features :
Good quality model
custom icons
bonus Stanag magazine version
Weapon fits well on hand.

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[REL]IMI Negev NG-7 + With Stanag magazine
[REL]IMI Negev NG-7 + With Stanag magazine

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