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Armas GTA 5 Pack

Author: Daniel0ch
Date: 22.10.2015
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Filesize: 9.386 MB

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Hola Denuevo! :D
Bien esta vez traigo todas las armas Básicas de gta v los iconos son iguales con las armas de mi anterior mod Hud gta v para gta sa en los iconos de armas de la rueda...

Créditos: TheNathanNS, M4K3, Firefly0102, Yohsuke96 , y0j4nHD, Ruddy26, Ashish Swami y Lokote1998

Disfruta Tus Armas Y tu HUD Nuevos :'D


Hello again! :D
Well this time bring all basic weapons of gta v icons are the same with the weapons of my previous Hud mod gta v GTA sa on the icons of weapons of the wheel...

Credits: TheNathanNS, M4K3, Firefly, Yohsuke96, y0j4nHD, Ruddy26, Ashish Swami and Lokote1998

Enjoy your weapons and your new HUD:'D

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Armas GTA 5 Pack
Armas GTA 5 Pack Armas GTA 5 Pack Armas GTA 5 Pack

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