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All Quake 2 Weapons

Author: Maurilo_Predator
Date: 17.07.2021
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All weapons converted directly from Quake 2. The mod also contains the original weapon icons that replaces the standard GTA San Andreas weapon icons.

The models and textures are original, both extracted directly from the original game folder. In addition, every effort was made to realistically allocate the weapons in CJ's hands.

The weapons also have corrections in the visualization of textures and in the positioning of the fire that comes out of the barrel at the time of firing. However, the original structures and textures of the weapons have not changed, so rest assured, the originality has been fully maintained.

Grab your arsenal and take out the Stroggs.


Version 1.2 (July 31th, 2021): The grenade model has been replaced with the correct model. The old one was that of the grenade ammunition box. Sorry for my mistake.

Version 1.3 (July 26th, 2022): Now some of the weapons have the really original textures. In the last post, I had resized the texture to even dimensions, as GTA SA only accepts even-sized textures. However, I hadn't realized that the original textures were already even. When this resizing is done, textures in the game may have different quality. Now the originality and quality are fully preserved. The weapons that could receive the original textures were: Chaingun, Hand Grenade, Grenade Launcher and Shotgun. Sorry for my lack of attention.

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All Quake 2 Weapons
All Quake 2 Weapons All Quake 2 Weapons

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