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GTA V Hawk & Little SMG [ Release]

Author: Notorious MCJ
Date: 09.10.2019
Downloads: 7943 | Statistics
Filesize: 48.865 MB

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Be sure to check if one of the files are missing in the bulk after my compilation, same here, same there.

If insist for help, open the readme.txt for more information besides details of the mod itself.

-For mp5lng's replacement.
-Custom Icon, 3 icons. (Made it myself)
-Re-Revamped and mostly Re-Re-Released.
-SAMP/MTA Tested. (Unlike cars, guns are easy)
-Textures and 3D Models were ripped from GTA V.
-A m4 Icon for the DK22Pac's GTA V HUD, for the chromegun.png replacement.
-As all weapoms they are designed to adjust the firearm in a correct
position making the player hold realistically with his hands.
-High Quality Textures and also contains a perfomance friendly-based textures if desired to change the resolution of the
weapon from the "Quality and Lore Tints" folder (albeit reduced to 512x512 for the need of my compilation of the winrar).
-Attachments are included in this bulk, only comes with at least one or more as if it was presets in that sort
into an actual weapon for you to replace, a variety of it from which you can choose from..
-Lore Tints, (excluding the Yusuf Amir Luxury Finish Tint) made by me and it is based on the heavy customization
when buying a weapon at Ammunation in GTA V were added in this bulk as your replacements for your choosing.
-Open Source, files are fully unlocked which you are free to customize, resize and even uploading
it elsewhere as long as my credibility was given by you.

Warning: Just want to let you know, viewer discretion is advised, in case if they ban me or this promotional poster for any sensitive topic whatever which it never happened, this was made for my character, satire and comedic purposes from one of my photoshops, and not by any means of offending anyone depending on their thoughts and opinions which they're on the matter to them by review bombs, death threats and even hate (especially my Firework Launcher was rated 1/10 from someone else, but I don't want to tell names.), but as a modder I'm also serious at making it too for everyone to enjoy their creative ideas within them, and to be fair I don't want to engage in conflict and altercation unless it took it too far on everybody instead I only want to give them some long thought of advice (including a logical arguement or literal arguement if possible, but not derogatory remarks and bigotry) that would learn something from stealing and so on, so we might as well have some respect to them and kudus for working so hard in this site, and if you're offended it's your right and choice to be one, and thus you can leave.

GTAVMC All Rights Reserved 2019.

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GTA V Hawk & Little SMG [ Release]
GTA V Hawk & Little SMG [ Release] GTA V Hawk & Little SMG [ Release] GTA V Hawk & Little SMG [ Release] GTA V Hawk & Little SMG [ Release] GTA V Hawk & Little SMG [ Release] GTA V Hawk & Little SMG [ Release] GTA V Hawk & Little SMG [ Release]

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