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Weapons Modding References V2

Author: hazmi_mods
Date: 28.05.2019
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-- Always read this descriptions --

My V2 Weapons Modding References for you guys. Here's the weapons and uses.

- Micro Uzi sample : My remake version, for machine pistol, especially MACs and TEC-9s, you can use it for pistol too.
- Revolver sample : If you want to convert revolvers or desert eagles just use this one.
- Thompson M1928 sample : This special one that you can convert Thonpson SMGs or long buttstock SMG, like UMPs, MP5 with buttstock, and so on. BUT REMEMBER, you must change this style from uzi to rifle in your weapon.dat, like MP5 lines.
- UZI sample : last one, this UZI for MP5 replacement who didn't have buttstock SMGs, like UZI itself, MP5K, and so on.

That's i'm only know about weapons modding references.

Enjoy and happy modding :)

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Weapons Modding References V2

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