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GTA V Firework Launcher [ Release]

Author: Notorious MCJ
Date: 25.03.2019
Downloads: 2916 | Statistics
Filesize: 8.133 MB

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I'm now making a GTAForums Account so best be sure to join in on what I'm going to convert next, but yeah voting might do and I'm pretty sure I'm going to make it into a reality.

-For rocketla's replacement.
-Custom Icon (Made it myself).
-Re-Revamped and mostly Re-Re-Released.
-SAMP/MTA Tested (Unlike cars, guns are easy).
-Textures and 3D Models were ripped from GTA V.
-Fixed in a Correct Position to hold in the player's hands
-A rocketla Icon for the DK22Pac's GTA V HUD, for the rpg.png replacement.
-High Quality Textures (albeit reduced to 512x512 like the Hatchet before indeed).
-Open Source, files are fully unlocked which you are free to customize, resize and even uploading it elsewhere as long as my credibility was given by you.

It's pretty much flawless as of now, However I wish they could somehow make an animation that could make the player lean the rpg onto his shoulders or hold it onto his hands like a rifle or from GTA V as well as aiming the RPG
in a right proper position too in order to support my configurations this
was designed and corrected by me or in that latter of the matter all of
my weapons are made to hold in the player's hands which it's basically
my goal to improve quasi-realism in GTA San Andreas.

Installation for Modloader and Non-Modloader Users:
Open it and Again Open the Base Folder to copy that "GTA V Guns" folder
onto the modloader folder and play, or Download The Alci IMG Editor to
open gta3.img and replace these two files, rebuild and finally, play your game.

-Modloader by LINK/2012 (a user-friendly loader that makes your experience with mods content).
-CJ Hands With Seperated Fingers (From mobile version) by flame1251. or Hands Mobile (mobile hands with fingers spread) by Flame
-DK22Pac's GTA V HUD v0.925.

Happy Pre-4th of July, what better way to lit a firework is to ignite your engines and start roasting some steak on a way home while 4:20-ing around in a middle of an "AMERICA FUCK YEAH!" festivity, be noted that Trump will be so proud, (but in actuality I'm in to him not because he's the president, but only because of his movie cameos, guest appearances and commercial roles).

DK22Pac (IMFX, Improved FX).
Function-X- (Overdose Effects 1.5 ).
madleg (Mod Ragdoll Bullet Physics).
R* (Grand Theft Auto V, excluding most titles).
Vados-mods (HD Ped Skins from its screenshots).
Junior_Djjr (Remove 3D Gunflash, force shooting effect).
Notorious MCJ (Formerly The Unknown One and one of my Weapon Mods).

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GTA V Firework Launcher [ Release]
GTA V Firework Launcher [ Release] GTA V Firework Launcher [ Release] GTA V Firework Launcher [ Release] GTA V Firework Launcher [ Release] GTA V Firework Launcher [ Release] GTA V Firework Launcher [ Release] GTA V Firework Launcher [ Release]

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